Christina Salway, renowned for her work on Treehouse Masters where she transformed 50 tree houses, has created her own unique sanctuary: a “greenhouse meets tree house” crafted from approximately 75 salvaged windows. This whimsical structure, akin to a family quilt with windows donated by loved ones including her husband’s aunt and her own mother, showcases her creative vision without requiring any climbing to appreciate.

Inside Christina Salway’s Tree House

Whitewashed Interiors
The 10’ by 12’ interior of the tree house features walls clad in salvaged windows, creating a light-filled, ethereal atmosphere. Christina whitewashed the space using a shellac-based primer by Zinsser, achieving a charming chalk-white finish. Engineered wide-plank flooring complements the rustic barnwood accents found on the property. Vibrant touches like flat-weave kilim rugs, antique botanical prints, and accents of sky blue enhance the serene Catskills backdrop.

Clever Seating
Suspended from the 12-foot ceiling, a handcrafted daybed swing serves dual purposes as a cozy sofa and an inviting sleeping spot. The window ledge provides a perfect perch for displaying artwork and cherished photographs, adding personal flair to the intimate space.

Outdoor Oasis
According to Christina, the deck is an essential part of the tree house experience, allowing visitors to immerse themselves in nature. Positioned among the branches, the deck offers a unique perspective—whether feeling the mist on a foggy day or experiencing the magic of snowfall as it transforms the surroundings into a serene cloud-like landscape.

Christina Salway’s imaginative tree house blends recycled materials with natural elements, creating a haven where whimsy meets sustainability in the heart of the picturesque Catskills.

This Tiny Home is Made Entirely of Salvaged Windows