Discovering Tranquility at “Loon Camp”

Nestled along a serene dirt road in Madison, Maine, “Loon Camp” stands as a peaceful retreat for John Wentworth and Jamie Gluck each summer. Situated just steps from Lake Wesserunsett, this 1940s cottage embodies a nostalgic charm that harks back to simpler times and cherished family traditions.

John, a native Mainer, recalls fond childhood memories spent with his extended “fake cousins” at the lake. When they stumbled upon the quaint cottage listed “For Sale by Owner” seven years ago, the couple instantly recognized its potential. Despite needing renovations to restore its former glory, the location was ideal—a mere 15 feet from the lake’s edge.

With the help of contractor Steven Dionne and architect Rick Eskelund, John and Jamie embarked on a restoration journey. They preserved the cottage’s original cedar siding and replaced outdated features with rustic touches like tongue-and-groove pine paneling, exposed beams, and antique hardware. Each element was chosen to evoke the cozy atmosphere of vintage lakeside cottages.

The interior now boasts pine floors adorned with flat-head iron nails, reclaimed hardware, and a mix of heirloom and vintage decor that adds character to every corner. From the nostalgic push-button light switches to the custom hinged cabinetry and zinc countertops in the kitchen, every detail reflects a blend of old-world charm and practicality.

Yet, the true allure of “Loon Camp” lies in its proximity to the lake—a place where John continues the tradition of daily swims, just as he did in his youth. For him, this simple act symbolizes a deep connection to both the cottage’s history and the tranquil beauty of Lake Wesserunsett.

As they settle into another summer at “Loon Camp,” John and Jamie’s retreat remains a testament to the enduring appeal of lakeside living and the enduring spirit of family tradition.

This 1940s Maine Cottage is a Joyful Cannonball Dive into Memories of Summers Past