Tiny houses are more versatile than they appear at first glance. Typically under 400 square feet, these compact homes can feel surprisingly spacious with the right approach.

Four individuals who embraced minimalism and moved into tiny houses shared their best tips for maximizing space. They highlight the importance of multifunctional furniture—like a bathroom door that doubles as a ladder to a loft or a bench that transforms into a guest bed. Creative storage solutions are also essential; one couple installed floor cubbies in their bedroom for extra storage, while another uses magnets to hang kitchen accessories on the walls.

Making the most of a tiny house goes beyond just functionality and organization. Some homeowners create the illusion of a larger space by installing big picture windows to let in natural light or using off-white paint to make the interior feel more open. Others extend their living space by incorporating outdoor elements, such as building a deck or adding an accordion window.

One couple living in a 300-square-foot tiny house in California’s Santa Cruz Mountains shared their experience. They document their tiny house journey on their blog, where they explain that they designed their home without compromises, ensuring it has all the amenities of a traditional house. Their tiny home features a full-sized kitchen, a king-sized bed, a separate room for their daughter, a river-tile shower, a dishwasher, and a professional kitchen range. They emphasize that living in a tiny house doesn’t mean sacrificing comfort or convenience.

However, they also noted that some of their initial storage and multifunctional solutions didn’t work out as planned. For instance, while their kitchen includes hidden spaces for two full-sized tables, three sliding benches, four stools, and a hundred cubic feet of storage, they rarely use these features because they aren’t convenient. They learned that accumulating too many possessions, even with ample storage, can complicate long-term living.

Ultimately, living in a tiny house requires thoughtful design and a willingness to adapt. By focusing on multifunctional furniture, creative storage, and smart design choices, tiny house dwellers can create comfortable and functional living spaces despite the limited square footage.

Here’s how people living in a tiny home make their space seem big, according to those who designed their houses themselves pin