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Tiny houses are making a big statement in Texas these days, challenging the state’s reputation for everything being bigger. From Austin to Dallas to Houston, these compact dwellings are gaining popularity both as personal residences and as unique Airbnb rentals.

In Texas, you’ll find a variety of tiny houses available for rent on platforms like Airbnb and VRBO. Whether you’re interested in container homes in Houston, cozy ADUs near downtown Austin, or mobile tiny houses in Dallas, there’s a tiny getaway waiting for every taste.

  1. In Austin, consider staying at East Side Beehive, offering a unique experience for around $200 per night.

  2. Explore “La Petite” Tiny House in Wimberley, TX, a charming retreat available for approximately $165 per night.

  3. Houston offers options like the Small Modern ADU, priced at about $60 per night, perfect for a minimalist stay.

  4. Experience history with a stay in the Historic Pullman Train Car in Fredericksburg, TX, available for around $232 per night.

  5. For a serene stay in Austin, check out the Modern, Serene Studio, offering relaxation for around $85 per night.

Whether you’re looking to try out tiny house living or simply seeking a unique place to stay during your Texas travels, these options provide an ideal blend of comfort and adventure.