When a weather-beaten, 1870s farmhouse adjacent to Becca and David McDowell’s Muldoon, Texas farm came up for sale, they initially dismissed it as too daunting for renovation. Becca, however, saw potential where others saw decay, envisioning a transformation that even her husband David doubted. “Everyone said it should be torn down,” she recalls.

Undeterred by skepticism, Becca assembled a team led by contractor Steve Shroyer and interior designer Kelley Brown from Houston. Together, they embarked on a year-long overhaul, preserving original details like shiplap walls and red cedar floors while addressing significant challenges—like relocating the entire structure 100 yards to optimize its position on the rolling landscape and addressing issues like a lack of plumbing and even a family of buzzards in the attic.

The result? A meticulously renovated 1,003-square-foot farmhouse that now boasts a revived attic turned bunk room and a fresh, crisp exterior highlighted by a new standing-seam metal roof. The classic Texas farmhouse charm shines through with a timeless white and black color scheme, complementing the rustic beauty of the surrounding Texas scenery. A new front porch stretches the length of the home, providing a welcoming space for gatherings with family and friends.

Witness how this once-forgotten farmhouse now stands as a testament to resilience and restoration, blending historical character with modern comfort in the heart of rural Texas.

This Tiny Texas Farmhouse Lives Large