If you’re not ready to commit to downsizing to a tiny house full-time, these compact homes offer versatile solutions for various space and logistical challenges.

Are you passionate about gardening? A tiny house could serve as your perfect she-shed, ideal for potting plants, storing gardening tools, or simply enjoying a peaceful retreat. Tired of working amidst household distractions? A tiny house provides a separate space where you can focus, creating a sense of “going to work” outside your usual confines.

Looking for a guest house, granny pod, pool house, or a playhouse for the kids? These mini structures offer a cost-effective way to enhance your property without breaking the bank. Available from numerous online outlets, ensure you review what’s included—some come fully equipped with doors and windows, while others may require additional components. Be mindful of any shipping fees to make an informed decision before purchase. Here are a few of our favorite tiny houses that cater to a range of needs.

18 Prefab Tiny Houses for Sale You Should Add to Your Back Yard Right Now