Wood is categorized based on its quality, primarily determined by its hardness and density. Deltec, for instance, uses what they call “diamond grade” wood for all their constructions. This type of wood is characterized by a higher density, which is evident from the number of rings visible on its cut surface — a feature also indicating the age of the tree. According to Deltec, this wood is among the hardest and highest quality available.

For structural integrity, Deltec employs machine-rated 2400 psi framing lumber in their trusses and walls. This material is twice as strong as typical framing materials, ensuring robustness and minimizing flex under pressure during construction. Sourced exclusively from Georgia, this lumber undergoes rigorous selection to maintain consistent quality and prevent warping, contributing to Deltec’s commitment to using 99.9% US-manufactured materials. As an eco-friendly manufacturer, Deltec appreciates that their supplier plants two trees for every one harvested.

Precision cutting is another hallmark of Deltec’s process. All wood is cut using computer-controlled saws, optimizing efficiency and minimizing waste. Traditional construction can waste up to 25% of lumber through inefficient cutting practices, whereas Deltec’s system reduces this figure to only 20%. For instance, their computerized cutting system can create seamless window frames from a single piece of plywood, enhancing both efficiency and structural integrity with precise, error-free cuts.

Concerning termite protection, Deltec offers an option where wood is treated in a pressurized air chamber, ensuring deep penetration of termite-resistant chemicals. For enhanced durability and termite resistance in their siding, Deltec combines wood with concrete, offering a highly weather-resistant product that comes with a 50-year warranty when factory-painted.

Deltec manufactures homes in Asheville, pre-building panels in a controlled environment to safeguard against weather effects on the wood. Their facility operates entirely on renewable resources, reflecting their long-standing commitment to environmental sustainability. Each panel is meticulously labeled to facilitate quick assembly on-site, with the main structure of a typical home taking approximately four days to complete — a testament to Deltec’s efficiency and quality craftsmanship.

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