The transformation is incredible—it looks like a brand new house.

It’s always fascinating to watch a house flip, transforming a run-down property into a beautiful home. While many of these transformations are showcased on popular cable networks, independent shows on platforms like YouTube are gaining traction.

One such example is a show that follows two friends flipping houses in Texas. They cover all aspects of renovating and remodeling, including design and investment concepts. They also share details about the vendors and products they use, allowing viewers to replicate the renovations themselves.

Recently, the friends flipped a house in a town located two and a half hours north of their base. They couldn’t resist purchasing this particular house for just $5,000. The property was in such poor condition that it was slated for demolition if left unsold. The renovation required a complete overhaul from the ground up to make it livable and attractive.

Adding to the challenge, one of the friends decided to design the entire renovation using materials solely from a local home improvement store. Despite the property’s initial state, the house has great potential on paper, with three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and 1,100 square feet of space.

During the walkthrough, it became evident that someone had attempted renovations years ago, but the property still needed significant work. The friends’ dedication and skill ultimately transformed the house into a stunning home, showcasing their remarkable renovation abilities.

Friends buy ‘condemned’ house for $5,000 and flip it into most beautiful home pin