This gorgeous home would be a dream to live in.

While container homes are becoming more common, not all achieve the level of luxury seen in this unique property. Nestled in the middle of a forest, this luxurious container cabin stands out.

The owners bought the property in 2010 with the intent of creating a getaway for skiing and summer river activities. Located in Index, Washington, the cabin sits on about six acres of land, offering a serene escape from city life and a chance to connect with nature.

There are currently six small cabins on the property. The couple began sharing their cabins on Airbnb in 2017, starting with an A-frame treehouse before moving on to their sea container project.

The container vans used for the cabin were manufactured in 2007, bearing dents that hint at their past. Designed as a ski cabin, the location is just 30 minutes away from a popular skiing area, making it ideal for winter sports enthusiasts. The use of containers was chosen for their unique appeal, offering a distinctive experience for both long-term use by friends and family and short-term rentals by guests.

The ski cabin is constructed from two 40-foot-long containers. The seller cut the containers in half, creating two 20-foot containers for the lower portion and a 40-foot cantilevered section with 12-foot overhangs on each side. The structural integrity of the containers allows them to handle these modifications while remaining strong and durable.

Man uses two 40-foot shipping containers to build ‘luxury’ eco-friendly home pin