This remarkable 2,568-square-foot home, located in Chulo Canyon, Bisbee, Arizona, offers a unique living experience as it is built entirely inside a cave. The natural and cozy atmosphere of this private residence is truly one-of-a-kind.

Initially, the owners bought the property but soon realized that constructing a conventional house there was impossible. Inspiration struck when they discovered a neighbor, a mining engineer, building his own cave house using ammonium nitrate explosives to carve out the mountain.

Impressed by the idea, they enlisted his help to create their dream home within the cave. After ensuring the structure was sound enough for habitation, construction began. Over the course of 15 years, their vision slowly came to life.

The front exterior of the house features a bright and spacious sunroom that provides natural light for most of the day and helps maintain a warm temperature through the night. The home’s interior maintains a consistent temperature of 68 degrees year-round, thanks to its unique construction. A long hallway leads to a welcoming living area, completing the extraordinary living space inside this mountainside retreat.

Couple blasts hole in desert mountain and builds spectacular cave home pin