Aggressively so, in fact. In light of this enthusiasm, we’re expanding our tiny living concept by adding a second tiny house on our island to share the experience. Purchasing this land was not just about us; it was about giving others the chance to taste tiny living, even if only for a weekend. Offering this trial before commitment was a key factor in our decision-making process, as we wanted others to explore this lifestyle as we did—try before you buy!

Tim remains Tim through and through. He continues to explore, learn, and follow his unique path on the island. His focus has been on developing the land and preparing for our new project. His determination is truly impressive as he constantly learns new skills and tackles challenges head-on. Whether it’s wielding loud tools or taking on seemingly impossible tasks (often involving me), he never backs down. I still recall my incredulous expression when he announced, “This weekend, we’re replacing the aircraft cables on the boat port!” 😳

Meanwhile, Oliver still cherishes our tiny home lifestyle—it’s his domain, after all.
Year 2 brought significant personal growth for me. I launched a business, furthered my skills in personal training, and shed old habits while embracing healthier ones. Through therapy, I gained insights into myself and overcame numerous obstacles. I’m actively pursuing my dreams and striving to live life to the fullest. Living with less clutter has redirected my focus inward, allowing me to craft a more fulfilling life and find a clarity I’ve long sought.

Here are the most profound lessons I’ve gleaned from two years of tiny living:
– Decluttering your wardrobe is liberating. We Marie Kondo’d our drawers, and the difference is life-changing. Choosing outfits from my favorite pieces is now a breeze!
– An air fryer opens up a world of culinary possibilities. Thanks, Cosori!
– Small everyday actions, like using reusable bags and washable containers, add up to significant reductions in single-use plastics. It feels incredible to make a positive impact!
– Communication is key in any living arrangement, no matter the size of your home. Talking about feelings makes everything smoother.
– YouTube is a treasure trove of knowledge, from home repairs to mastering new skills. Tim has become quite the handyman thanks to online tutorials.

Well, we made it. 2 years in the tiny house. I wanted to give a quick update on us and all things Tiffany. pin