Woman restores old railway carriage into breathtaking off-the-grid home with spectacular views

A woman from Central Otago, New Zealand, transformed old railway carriages into a stunning tiny home, blending passion with creativity.

Mandy, with experience in restoring boats and yachts, saw potential in these neglected carriages. Initially, she dreamed of a beachside property, but these carriages captured her heart.

Restoring them was a daunting task. The carriages were damp, with broken windows and even dead birds inside. Despite the challenges, Mandy was determined to breathe new life into them.

cozy red train car

The location offers breathtaking panoramic views. From the deck, the scenery is always welcoming, whether day or night. Mandy has an outdoor bathtub, though she must use water wisely as it’s a scarce resource in the area.

Her home is completely off-grid. She collects rainwater for her needs and uses solar panels connected to a generator for power. A cozy fireplace keeps the place warm.

In the first carriage, you’ll find Mandy’s main living space. As you enter, a beautiful lounge greets you, with the kitchen on the right. Though she rarely uses it, she put great effort into restoring it. On the left are an en suite bathroom and a cozy bedroom. The bedroom has a stunning view, and though there’s no indoor toilet, Mandy has a separate outdoor long drop toilet.

The second carriage is designed for guests. It features a spacious lounge adorned with Mandy’s paintings and a double bed with ample storage underneath. A mini library offers a perfect spot to relax, and the deck outside provides a serene place to enjoy the surrounding beauty.

What makes Mandy’s home truly unique is how she preserved the carriages’ history. She retained seat numbers, old markings, and even water stains on the wood. These imperfections add to the charm and character of her beautiful tiny home.

Woman restores old railway carriage into breathtaking off-the-grid home with spectacular views pin