Man converts double-decker bus into tiny home that perfectly fits his family of eight

Many dream of life on the road, but few make it a reality. Dane Eyerly is one of those few, embarking on this adventure with his wife and six kids.

Dane transformed a double-decker bus into their new home, and their tour video has already amassed 15 million views.

The front of the bus serves as Dane’s home office and the cockpit. As a software professional, his remote work setup is ideal for their new mobile lifestyle.

The bus features a fully-equipped farmhouse-style kitchen with a large refrigerator, freezer, two-burner stove, oven, and a full-size 30-inch kitchen sink. Despite having just a two-burner stove, they frequently use an Instapot and cook outside.

tiny home tours kitchen

The dining area, behind the kitchen, has a folding table that accommodates the entire family.

One striking feature of the bus is its brightness. “One of the things we really love about this space is all the windows. The giant windows were one of the reasons why we bought the bus in the first place,” Dane shared.

The Eyerlys decided to leave their permanent home in Texas to spend more time on the road, seeking a new way of life away from chasing money. “We felt so tied down to chasing money for happiness. Ultimately, chasing that money meant more time spent away from the family,” Dane explained. A road trip from Utah to Texas made them realize their true happiness came from experiences like these.

After researching RVs and the RV lifestyle, they decided to convert a double-decker bus.

The bus has two separate toilets and a full-size shower with cedar walls. The top level houses a ventless washer and dryer combo and a Sweepovac to keep the bus clean.

Each child has a bunk bed they can personalize and a designated area for their homeschooling materials. Dane and his wife’s king-size bed doubles as a play area for the kids during the day.

They bought the bus in August 2020, had it built out starting in September, and picked it up in December 2021. Their plan is to follow 70-degree weather, avoiding extremes of heat and cold. They aim to spend two weeks in each of the lower 48 states over the next two years, re-evaluating every six months to ensure the lifestyle suits their family.

One of the bus’s highlights is the roof deck, fitted with boat decking and a safety railing. It’s their private outdoor space, perfect for family movie nights.

The Eyerly family has embraced a lifestyle many only dream of. “We’re doing this to inspire others to take this leap. I never set foot in an RV before doing this. I think the reward is well worth the risk we’ve taken,” Dane shared.

The Eyerly family’s adventure is just beginning, and we’re excited to see where their journey takes them.

Man converts double-decker bus into tiny home that perfectly fits his family of eight pin