In today’s world, people are embracing all sorts of unconventional homes, from school buses to sheds and vans. But have you ever considered living in a cave? Grant Johnson did just that.

Grant’s off-the-grid desert home is an impressive 5,000-square-foot cave, complete with modern amenities and a music studio.

A Journey to the Desert

In his 20s, Johnson moved to Utah and bought a large piece of land. Though the surrounding area later became a national monument, his parcel remained private, allowing him to develop it freely. Over 20 years, he transformed this cave into a modern, self-sufficient home with running water and electricity. You can even rent a room in his unique home on Airbnb.

One renter raved about their stay: “There is nowhere on Earth quite like the Boulder house. It’s one of the wonders of the modern world—a fully functional, modernized house carved into a giant boulder. The drive across the stream was thrilling, and the surrounding horses and cows were charming. The views are magnificent. Don’t miss your chance to stay here!”

Crafting a Home

At 17, Johnson moved to Moab for school, where he discovered a love for hiking and worked in the town’s mines. His passion for nature led him to embrace an off-the-grid lifestyle.

“I got involved in stabilizing Indian ruins and got more into the wilderness. I stopped following the news and completely disconnected,” Johnson shared.

Determined to live self-sufficiently, he found a spot in the canyons to build his home and grow his own food. This ambitious project required serious equipment, including dynamite.

“I started blasting in ’95. From the first blast, I was committed. It took about eight winters of blasting to shape the space,” Johnson said. After the blasting phase, the property sat idle while he figured out the next steps and gathered funds.

Innovative Living

Despite being a cave, Johnson’s home is filled with light. He created windows by blasting holes, reinforcing them with steel, and adding glass for stunning views.

Living off the grid means managing power, water, and food. Johnson planted an orchard and installed a 22-foot water wheel connected to a 6,500-foot pipeline, providing gravity-fed water. He also set up a turbine to generate power.

His food supply includes an extensive garden and livestock. “We grow tomatoes, peppers, corn, potatoes, garlic, greens, carrots, and beets. For meat, we raise pigs, which are fed with milk from our cows. It’s a whole ecosystem where everything supports each other,” he explained.

A Unique Home

Twenty years later, Johnson’s land is both beautiful and sustainable. Despite the house’s size, he enjoys renting it out to guests, finding joy in meeting new people.

“People get inspired by it. I didn’t expect that, but it really is the case.”

Grant Johnson’s incredible cave home is a testament to creativity and determination, inspiring others to think outside the box when it comes to unconventional living spaces.

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