This 36-year-old mom of 2 brings in $144,000 a year as a professional truck driver: ‘I love my job so much’

Clarissa Rankin with her truck

Clarissa Rankin is defying stereotypes as a 36-year-old truck driver from Charlotte, North Carolina. Despite the common image of a trucker as a burly man in overalls, Clarissa is breaking barriers and proving that anyone can handle the big rigs. Originally trained in criminal justice, Clarissa found herself struggling to find work after school. After … Read more

Xiaomi SU7 Brake Failure Leads to First National Crash, Widespread Data Falsification Revealed

Xiaomi’s highly anticipated electric car, the SU7, has come under intense scrutiny following reports of crashes, misleading advertising, and quality control problems. The controversy began with a crash involving a Xiaomi SU7 at the Shanghai Tia circuit on April 8th. The driver, a popular automotive blogger known as Tang Le, attributed the accident to brake … Read more

Fisker talking with Nissan for a help and electric pickup truck partnership


The American electric vehicle (EV) startup, Fisker Inc., is facing financial headwinds, but a potential partnership with Japanese automaker Nissan could offer a much-needed lifeline and propel them into the burgeoning electric pickup truck market. Fisker’s Financial Struggles Fisker, known for its sleek Ocean electric SUV, has been grappling with financial difficulties. The company recently … Read more

Renault and VW Eye Electric Minicar Matchup

Two major auto giants, Renault and Volkswagen (VW), are reportedly in talks to collaborate on a low-cost electric minicar. This development could shake things up, offering a more affordable and accessible entry point to the world of EVs, especially in Europe. Both companies are aiming for a price tag below €20,000 (around USD 23,700), making … Read more

Can you charge an electric car in the rain?


A common concern among new electric vehicle (EV) owners, especially during the rainy season, is the fear of getting electrocuted while charging their car. This concern stems from the misconception that water conducts electricity, and thus, charging an EV in the rain could be dangerous. However, the answer is a resounding no. You cannot get … Read more