2024 Tesla Cybertruck Beast Goes 250 Miles in Our Real-World Range Test

Manny Zhang
By Manny Zhang 3 Min Read
Tesla Cybertruck
Tesla Cybertruck

The Tesla Cybertruck isn’t just a truck, it’s a sci-fi fever dream on wheels. Imagine a DeLorean crash-landed in a Home Depot parking lot, and you’re close to visualizing Tesla’s angular monstrosity. But underneath that stainless steel skin that looks like an origami nightmare, it’s an EV with a mission. Just how far that mission extends is the million-dollar question.

Putting the Cybertruck’s Range to the Test

With three electric motors packing 834 horsepower, the Cybertruck Beast is undeniably quick. But Tesla trucks aren’t built for drag strips, they’re meant to haul stuff…maybe to Mars. Let’s forget government ratings for a second (heavy-duty trucks get a pass there). Tesla boldly claims their Cybertruck Beast boasts a 301-mile range. That sounds impressive, but can it survive a real-world road trip?

We decided to get hands-on, subjecting the Cybertruck Beast to our own brutal 75-mph highway test. Climate controls? Set. Fancy power tonneau cover? Slammed shut for optimal aerodynamics. The result? 250 miles. Not bad, but could it do better?

Cybertruck vs. The EV Truck Rumble

Let’s stack up the Cybertruck against its electric pickup rivals. There’s the GMC Hummer EV Edition 1, a power-guzzling beast with a range of 290 miles. The Rivian R1Ts we tested came in at 220 and 280 miles, depending on the tire setup. And the less flashy Ford F-150 Lightning Platinum struggled to hit the 230-mile mark.

So, Where Does the Cybertruck Land?

The Cybertruck’s range isn’t exactly groundbreaking, but it holds its own against the competition. And unlike competitors, Tesla’s range estimates seem surprisingly close to reality. What’s clear is that the right tires can make a huge difference for any of these trucks. Tesla’s design, while eye-catching, might be hindering its ultimate range potential.

The Verdict

The Cybertruck Beast is a quirky, powerful, and surprisingly practical EV pickup. Its range won’t break records, but it’s a solid contender in the electric truck arena. And hey, it’s guaranteed no one will ever mistake it for an ordinary pickup. If standing out is as important to you as range, the Cybertruck might just be your interplanetary ride.