Fisker talking with Nissan for a help and electric pickup truck partnership

Manny Zhang
By Manny Zhang 2 Min Read

The American electric vehicle (EV) startup, Fisker Inc., is facing financial headwinds, but a potential partnership with Japanese automaker Nissan could offer a much-needed lifeline and propel them into the burgeoning electric pickup truck market.

Fisker’s Financial Struggles

Fisker, known for its sleek Ocean electric SUV, has been grappling with financial difficulties. The company recently announced a potential 15% workforce reduction and acknowledged it may not be able to continue operations beyond 2024 without additional funding.

Nissan is a pioneer in the electric vehicle space with its Leaf hatchback, which debuted in 2010. The Japanese automaker is looking to expand its presence in the lucrative electric pickup truck market, which is currently dominated by Ford’s F-150 Lightning and Rivian’s R1T.

The Potential Deal

Nissan investing over $400 million in Fisker’s electric truck platform. This significant investment would provide much-needed capital for Fisker to overcome its financial hurdles.

Nissan building Fisker’s Alaska electric pickup truck at one of its U.S. assembly plants. This collaboration would leverage Nissan’s established manufacturing expertise and potentially expedite the launch of the Alaska pickup.

Nissan developing its electric pickup truck based on the same platform. This would allow Nissan to enter the electric pickup market without starting from scratch and provide economies of scale for both companies.

The potential partnership between Fisker and Nissan is still in its early stages, and no official agreement has been announced. However, if finalized, this deal could be a game-changer for both companies, propelling Fisker into the electric pickup truck race and enabling Nissan to gain a foothold in this rapidly growing market.