2022 Kia Caren In Nepal| Complete Review

2022 KIA Caren Price In Nepal- Overview

The Carens MPV will be released in India on February 15, 2022, according to Kia India. The three-row MPV was revealed in December 2021, and reservations began last month. The Carens are available in five models with both petrol and diesel engines.

Kia Motors’ new 6 and 7 seat capacity ‘Caren’ manufactured in India will go on sale from February 15.

The Company’s Caren showed last December that it had managed to grab the attention of many people by booking 7,000 units in a single day in India.

“We started the necessary process in late December. Caren will arrive in Nepal a few days after the sale starts in India,” said a Continental source.

Customers who booked 7,738 units within 24 hours of opening bookings in India, has already had a media test drive in India. So far, media reviews have claimed that the Carens is an excellent vehicle.

Here are the major highlights of the 2022 Kia Caren:

  • Three engine types will be offered for Carens.
  • Carens is available with a variety of powerplant and transmission options.
  • Six airbags, ESC, and hill descent control are standard on all models.

Exterior Design

KIA Caren Price In Nepal
KIA Caren Price In Nepal

The Carens, based on the Seltos platform, is a much longer vehicle than the Seltos, measuring 225mm longer overall and having a 160mm larger wheelbase to allow for the third row of seats.

The Carens has a familiar MPV-like silhouette with a few crossover-inspired design elements thrown in for good measure.

However, Kia has also attempted to give the Carens its unique personality, as it does not resemble a stretched Seltos.

You’ll find some cosmetic similarities between the two Kia models, but you won’t mistake one for another. The Carens have the fundamental design of an MPV, with its low-set bonnet and expansive interior space, but there’s an SUV-ness to the look thanks to details like the cladding at the sides and around the wheel wells.

KIA Caren Price In Nepal
KIA Caren Price In Nepal

In addition, the top-of-the-line Carens trims come with stylish 16-inch rims. Wider rims would have given the car a more SUV-like look, but they would have necessitated larger wheel wells, perhaps reducing interior room.

Overall, the Carens is a stylish car with many appealing touches.

A knurled gloss-black plate that runs the width of the front end connects the stylish split-headlamps on either side, giving the Carens its distinctive face.

The actual grille is lowered, with Kia’s signature ‘Tiger Nose’ indents relocated to the air dam’s chrome surround.

KIA Caren Price In Nepal
KIA Caren Price In Nepal

The LED fog lamps packed neatly into the bumper are an easy to overlook element.

Another fascinating feature is the top LED DRLs, structured like a constellation and flash orange to function as turn signals.

The Carens is a big vehicle with a length of 4,540mm, which is most apparent when viewed in profile. However, despite its lengthy wheelbase (2,780mm), big rear doors, and significant rear overhang, the Kia Carens do not appear drab.

The glasshouse has a stylish waistline that narrows at the front doors and expands towards the back, and even the glasshouse has upswept quarter windows.

At the window line, door handles, and side cladding, Kia has employed chrome and brushed materials to great advantage.

KIA Caren Price In Nepal
KIA Caren Price In Nepal

On the other hand, the roof rails are just decorative and cannot support any weight.

The substantial triangular taillamps are joined by a light bar, which adds to the tidy tail-end appearance.

A chrome bumper garnish with knurled detailing adds some sparkle to the back.

Interior Design

KIA Caren Price In Nepal
KIA Caren Price In Nepal

When you go into the Carens, you’ll be astounded by the level of quality.

Everything appears luxurious, from the gloss panel on the dashboard to the tiny buttons on the center console, and the overall fit and finish are excellent for a mass-market vehicle.

The navy blue on a cream interior theme, which is reminiscent of the Mercedes E 350d, is intriguing in and of itself.

KIA Caren Price In Nepal
KIA Caren Price In Nepal

It’s also a well-designed area with plenty of storage up front for minor stuff. The Carens include cupholders with ventilation, a pop-out cupholder for the front passenger, and a storage tray under the front seat, in addition to a spacious glove box, bottle holders at the doors, and a vast utility box between the front seats.

At the center console, there’s also a wireless phone charging pad.

Getting into the Carens’ middle row is an excellent experience, thanks to spacious rear doors that open wide and seats positioned at a reasonable height.

And once you’ve settled in, you’ll feel even more at ease.

The captain’s seats in the 6-seat version are extremely well padded and accommodating, with adjustable armrests and the ability to alter the backrest angle, making it simple to select a comfortable seating position.

KIA Caren Price In Nepal
KIA Caren Price In Nepal

Even in the middle part, there’s plenty of legroom, though you’ll want to slide the seats back for the full impact.

The Carens’ big windows (with retractable sunshades) provide a superb view out, and frontal sight from the back is also excellent.

Before you ask, the Carens are equipped with a single-pane sunroof rather than a panoramic sunroof.

A full-length sunroof will also be unavailable in the future due to the roof-mounted air-conditioning vents.

The vents do a good job of channeling air to the back, and there’s a separate blower control as well.

An air purifier is also included in the Carens, which is oddly located behind the driver’s seat backrest. Unfortunately, while having this feature onboard is convenient, the system is noisy at work.

Two USB Type C chargers, two cupholders in the center console, and huge bottle holders in the door pockets are available to passengers in the middle seat.

There is ample room to conceal the lady’s handbags between the captain’s chairs.

Interior Features

KIA Caren Price In Nepal
KIA Caren Price In Nepal

The Carens receive a massive list of things. Heated front seats, a slick 10.25-inch touchscreen, Bose sound system, linked electronics, 64-color ambient lighting, LCD gauges, a sunroof, auto climate control, onboard air purifier, cruise control, and power seat tumble are all included in the top-spec Luxury Plus models.

However, the Carens lack features compared to the Hyundai Alcazar, which will be considered the same category.

The Alcazar has powered front seats, a 360-degree camera, blind-spot cameras, and a panoramic sunroof, but the Carens does not.

Engine Specs

KIA Caren Price In Nepal
KIA Caren Price In Nepal

The Carens’ cousin, the Alcazar, has demonstrated that a 115hp, the 1.5-liter diesel engine can handle up to seven occupants, but it gets the job done for the most part.

In everyday city driving, you won’t notice any lack of power, and when you do need to make a quick pass, you’ll love how the smooth-shifting, 6-speed gearbox kicks in to guarantee you don’t get left behind.

The Carens diesel is swift to get up to cruising speeds and makes for a pleasant cruiser, with 100kph arriving at an indicated 1,900rpm in sixth gear.

The Carens diesel-auto managed a 0-100kph time of 12.55 seconds, comparable to the Alcazar diesel.

On the other hand, the Carens diesel will be known for its economy rather than its performance. Therefore, the 1.4 turbo-petrol-powered version will appeal to buyers searching for a more nimble Carens.

The 140hp, 242Nm engine is a smooth performer that builds power smoothly from the start.

Above 1,600rpm, you can feel the engine’s sportier side, and it’s exciting to wound the engine now and then.

However, the Carens’ 7-speed dual-clutch appears to have been softened, as it doesn’t kick down as rapidly as the Seltos, which has the identical engine-gearbox combination.

Adopting a more gentle driving technique smooths out the entire experience and aligns with Caren’s expertise.

The Carens petrol-auto ran the 0-100kph dash in 10.18 seconds in our preliminary performance tests, compared to 9.72 seconds for the Seltos DCT.

However, the two Kias were quite close in terms of kick-down acceleration.

Handling & Riding Position

KIA Caren Price In Nepal
KIA Caren Price In Nepal

The Carens is a vehicle that is simple to use. Its steering is well-balanced and requires little effort to twirl. You quickly get acclimated to Kia’s length, and as a result, even in congested city streets, you don’t get the impression that you’re driving a big car, which is a positive thing.

This is further aided by the good all-round visibility, front parking sensors, and clear rear-view camera.

The suspension effectively smooths out low-speed surface irregularities, providing reasonable ride comfort.

On the other hand, the diesel is firmer and feels more of the road at low speeds.

All models of the Carens amaze at more incredible speeds with good stability and well-controlled body movements, which your rear passengers will especially appreciate.

It is also unaffected by poorly paved areas of the road. The steering gives the driver a solid sense of control, and the neat handling adds to their confidence.

Price & Launch Date In Nepal

The Company has not officially announced the price of KIA Caren & the Launch date in Nepal.

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KIA Caren Price In Nepal