Doubts You Should Clarify About Yamaha Ray ZR FI 125.

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yamaha ray zr price in nepal
yamaha ray zr price in nepal

Yamaha Ray ZR Price In Nepal


The all-new Yamaha Ray ZR 125 FI has been already launched by MAW Enterprises, the authorized distributors of Yamaha scooters in Nepal.

Yamaha Ray ZR Price in Nepal

Yamaha Ray ZR 125 FI ModelsYamaha Ray ZR 125 FI Price In Nepal
Ray ZR 125 FIRs 265,900
Ray ZR Street Rally 125 FIRs 275,900
RAY ZR Street Rally 113Rs 220,900
Yamaha Ray ZR Price In Nepal

This How Yamaha ZR FI Looks Like.

yamaha ray zr price in nepal
Yamaha Ray ZR Price In Nepal

The design of the Yamaha Ray ZR has always been bold. Based on the “Armored Energy” concept, the new design is sharper than ever. The new design has a rugged appearance while maintaining the sporty and snappy characteristics of the original Ray ZR.

In addition, the redesigned design is significantly more rounded out than the previous gen, which had a crisp aspect.

The sidelights have been relocated to the handlebars from the side panels. The headlamp, taillamp, exhaust port, and grab bar sections have all been redesigned.

In addition, the front area of the new Ray ZR 125 receives a facelift, making it even more attractive.

Though the RayZR 125 has an unusual look, it sticks out from the crowd of 125cc scooters it competes with.

With unique design components like handguards (Street Rally variant), a fly screen, separate indicators, and those massive faux air vents, the Ray ZR establishes its own identity by taking style ideas from motorbikes.

Features Offered By ZR FI 125

 Yamaha Ray ZR Price In Nepal
Yamaha Ray ZR Price In Nepal

The Smart Motor Generator (SMG) on the Yamaha Ray ZR 125 offers a quieter engine start without using a separate traditional electric starter.

In the Hybrid version, it also serves as an electric motor. A start/stop feature, side stand engine cut-off function, 21-litre under-seat storage, and a completely digital instrument cluster are all included in the scooter.

Both the primary Ray ZR 125 Hybrid and the Ray ZR Street Rally 125 Hybrid are equipped with Bluetooth connectivity as standard.

Ride History, Locate My Vehicle, Hazard Lamp function, Answer Back, and Parking Record is just a few of the parts available to the rider. However, it lacks turn-by-turn navigation.

Features Highlights:

  • Lightweight Body – 99 kgs
  • Better handling with Telescopic Suspension
  • Full Digital Instrument Cluster
  • Two Level Seat
  • 21 Litre Under-Seat Storage
  • Improved braking performance with Unified Braking System (UBS)
  • Multi-function Key Switch
  • Y-Shaped LED Position Light

Engine Specifications

Yamaha ZR 125 Fi comes with an air-cooled, fuel-injected 125cc engine that delivers 8.2PS at 6500rpm and 9.7Nm at 5000rpm and is compliant with BS6.

While the hybrid variants produce the same power, their peak torque is 0.6Nm higher. So, at the same rpm as the non-hybrid version, they produce 10.3Nm.

Because the silent starter also serves as an electric motor, the mild-hybrid arrangement provides a burst of acceleration.

After three seconds or when the predetermined rpm level is achieved, it deactivates automatically. If the throttle is shut off, the system also deactivates. This method should aid in providing faster acceleration on congested highways.

Brakes & Suspension

 Yamaha Ray ZR Price In Nepal
Yamaha Ray ZR Price In Nepal

The Ray ZR 125 has a single rear shock absorber and a telescopic front fork. The Ray ZR comes basic with a drum brake and can be upgraded to a 190mm disc brake.

On the other hand, the Street Rally comes with a front disc as standard. Both types had drum brakes in the rear.

In the ordinary model, the scooter rides on 12-inch front and 10-inch rear alloy wheels with road-biased tyres, while the Street Rally variant rides on block pattern rubber.

The RayZR 125 is the lightest scooter in its class, at only 99kg kerb.



The Ray ZR 125 is up against the Honda Grazia 125, Suzuki Burgman Street, TVS NTorq 125, Aprilia SR 125, and Hero Maestro Edge-125 in its segment.

What is Yamaha Ray ZR Price In Nepal?

Here is the price list of Yamaha ZR in Nepal.
1. RayZR 125 FI- Rs 265,900
2. RayZR Street Rally 125 FI -Rs 275,900
3. RAY ZR Street Rally 113 -Rs 220,900

What is the Yamaha ZR Street Rallly price in Nepal?

The Yamaha Ray ZR Street Rally 125 FI price in Nepal is Rs 275,900.
The Yamaha RAY ZR Street Rally 113 price in Nepal is Rs 220,900.