SYM NHT 200 Price In Nepal-Full Review!

SYM NHT 200 Price in Nepal – Overview

More manufacturers are hopping on the small-capacity adventure motorbike bandwagon to get new riders into their adventure boots.

We slung a leg over the SYM NHT 125 earlier this year and quickly realized it was designed for beginners looking to get a taste of ADV riding.

We’re looking forward to reviewing another SYM newcomer: the all-new NHT 200.

Adventure motorcycle of Taiwanese manufacturer SYM is being sold in Nepal. . KG InterContinental Pvt. Ltd. has been selling SYM’s adventure motorcycles.

Lately, the demand for adventure segment motorcycles has been increasing in Nepal.

KG Intercontinental has recently introduced SYM NHT 200 bikes in the Nepali market.

SYM NHT 200 Price In Nepal

SYM NHT 200 Price In Nepal is Rs 625,000.

Design & Aesthetic

SYM NHT 200 Price In Nepal
SYM NHT 200 Price In Nepal

The NHT 200 has an adventure bike-inspired look, with 19F/17R spoked wheels, a beaky front fairing, broad handlebars, a micro bash plate, and engine crash bars, just like its minor brother.

SYM has balanced elegant styling and a rugged “do-it-all” motorcycle design.

SYM NHT 200 Price In Nepal
SYM NHT 200 Price In Nepal

A sleek LED headlamp configuration sits just above the front beak, giving the NHT a sharper and more aggressive appearance.

The NHT’s LED headlight provided a bright, comprehensive, clean light beam throughout my nightly trips. (The taillight is also an LED device.)

Center Console

SYM NHT 200 Price In Nepal
SYM NHT 200 Price In Nepal

The NHT has a handy trick in a USB charging connector, ideal for millennials like me.

It’s conveniently located near the front of the fuel tank for charging a phone or GPS.

A trip meter, odometer, clock, fuel level indicator, and gear indication are all included on the LCD, which is modern yet basic.

Overall Features

The SYM NH T200 has a lot of great features.

It has a computerized instrument console that shows speed, trip meter, gear indicator, fuel gauge, and other information about the vehicle. Other notable characteristics include:

  • Full LED Lights
  • Perimeter Frame
  • EURO4-Compliant 183cc Engine
  • Electronic FI Technology
  • Liquid Cooling System
  • Telescope front fork
  • Crossover Adventure Style
  • Spoke Wheels
  • Dual-channel ABS
  • 2A USB Charger
  • Single-swing rear suspension
  • Front & Rear Disc brakes

Engine Specifications

SYM NHT 200 Price In Nepal
SYM NHT 200 Price In Nepal

The engine will provide 183.5 PS of power and 15.7 mm of torque. 6-speed gearbox, dual-channel ABS, and 19-inch front and 17-inch rear tires are the main features of this motorcycle.

A 183.5 cc single-cylinder fuel-injected engine powers the NHT 200.

Despite having only 58 cc more than a smaller sibling, the NHT 200 feels far more capable, both on the highway and in the city.

It’ll cruise at 120 km/h at 7,000 rpm with 2,000 more revs to spare, but it’ll also chug at less than 3,000 when negotiating a single narrow track. It has a fuel tank capacity of 11 liters.

The NHT’s best feature is its excellent fuel economy and the range it obtains from its small 11-liter tank. On a good day, It was able to average 32 km/L, which means that if you do the arithmetic, you may obtain a range of 352 kilometers or more.

Riding & Handling

Despite having only 140 mm of travel, the firm setup compensates for the lack of travel, making light off-roading a breeze.

The NHT maintains its line on smooth gravel roads, the riding posture feels natural, and the bike is nimble.

The high bars, narrow turning circle, and low revving motor allow you to ride with confidence in the tighter stuff.

However, the suspension’s stiffness makes for a less-than-comfortable ride in more rough or uneven terrain.


The CBS (combined braking system) is a beautifully built device aimed at beginners.

The CBS is activated when you use the foot brake; thus, a tiny percentage of the front brake is also involved when you apply the rear brake.

This is especially useful while riding on the road because you can almost stop without touching your front brake lever, allowing you to focus more on riding.


The SYM NH T200 has a body length of 2068mm, a width of 860mm, and a height of 1195mm.

The adventure motorcycle features a perimeter frame and weighs around 152 kilograms.

Key Specifications of SYM NHT 200 

  • Engine: Four-stroke, single-cylinder
  • Displacement: 183 cc
  • Emission Type: EURO-4
  • Liquid-cooled
  • Electronic Fuel Injection
  • Max Power: 13.5Kw @ 8500 rpm
  • Max Torque: 15.7 Nm @ 7500 rpm
  • Gears: 6
  • Max Speed: 125 Kmph
  • Self-start
  • Manual, Wet, Multiple-disk

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Exchange Offer

The company has also announced a New Year offer scheme. Under this scheme, customers will be able to get a 10,000 cash discount. Customers will also be able to exchange old motorcycles and scooters of any brand they have- with SYM200T. The company has reported that it will give 20,000 additional valuations in the market price while exchanging.

SYM NHT 200 Price in Nepal