Red Bull Introduces the Adrian Newey-Designed RB17 Hypercar!

Red Bull RB17 Hypercar – Overview

Aston Martin jointly developed the Valkyrie and Red Bull Racing to produce a consumer vehicle with performance on par with LMP1 racers.

And in its track-only AMR Pro incarnation, it resembles that.

Here are the major highlights:

  • This design concept shows how a future Red Bull hypercar for racing will look.
  • The new car, created by Adrian Newey, aims to deliver performance on par with that of Formula 1.
  • It will begin shipping to consumers in 2025, cost $4.1 million, and have a 50-car maximum run.

But now that the corporate marriage has ended and Aston has its own Formula 1 team, Red Bull is preparing for the future of its hypercar.

Red Bull Advanced Technologies has just announced that it is developing a new Adrian Newey design for a beyond-hypercar that will only be used on tracks and attempt to deliver performance on par with that of a modern Formula 1 car.

Red Bull RB17 Hypercar
Red Bull RB17 Hypercar

The only other information about the project, different from its existence, is this abstract sketch that, in its final form, shows a small bubble cockpit sandwiched between the sharply curved front and rear sections.

According to our information, only 50 will be constructed, with a pretax cost of $4.1 million at the current currency rate.

A hybridized twin-turbocharged V-8 engine with a minimum output of 1100 horsepower will provide the propulsion.

And yes, to spare you the trouble of looking, that is, in fact, more horsepower than the 6.5-liter V-12 engine that powers the Valkyrie AMR Pro, which produces 1000 hp.

Red Bull RB17 Hypercar

Complex ground effects

Unsurprisingly, the RB17 will have a carbon-fiber tub with two seats in the style of a motorsport vehicle.

(A single-seater would probably be more in line with the Formula 1 vision, but billionaires undoubtedly desire the possibility of frightening their friends.)

Red Bull Advanced Technology will design and build it in Milton Keynes, England, on a facility also home to the Formula 1 team.

As much work as possible will reportedly be done internally, and the RB17’s gearbox will reportedly be built on site.

The “most advanced ground-effects package available in a series production automobile,” according to the official announcement, is also promised, which is a rather severe accusation given that the T.50 created by Gordon Murray, another of the sport’s great designers, had fan-assisted aero.

Red Bull RB17 Hypercar
Red Bull RB17 Hypercar

Red Bull promises that RB17 buyers will be deeply involved in the development program, spending time with the Red Bull Racing team and experiencing it through simulators and, ultimately, on-track training.

This is in addition to receiving what will undoubtedly be one of the fastest cars on the planet.

According to Adrian Newey in the press release, “The RB17 distills all we know about building championship-winning Formula 1 cars into a package that provides high levels of performance in a two-seat track car.

” The RB17 “pushes design and technical boundaries well beyond what has previously been available to enthusiasts and collectors,” according to the manufacturer, “driven by our enthusiasm for performance at every level.”

In 2025, customer deliveries are expected to start. How will Aston Martin respond, one wonders?

Will a Valkyrie AMR Pro Plus be revealed?

Red Bull RB17 Hypercar
Red Bull RB17 Hypercar

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Red Bull RB17 Hypercar