Parents believe these classes would help kids prepare for the real world.

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If you graduated before 2000, you might remember home economics classes—typically offered only to girls. These classes taught essential domestic skills, though the gender bias excluded boys.

Today, the notion of both men and women managing home responsibilities is widely accepted. However, home economics classes are becoming rare, with fewer schools teaching these vital life skills to both boys and girls.

Many advocate for reintroducing home economics in schools, emphasizing the importance of learning practical skills beyond academic subjects like Mathematics and History. In today’s busy world, where parents often work long hours and high school students come home to empty houses, the ability to cook, do laundry, and manage basic household tasks is crucial.

Studies show that a significant number of high school graduates transition to college life, where they must fend for themselves. Knowing how to cook nutritious meals, do laundry, and maintain cleanliness are essential skills for independent living.

While home economics was criticized for its sexist history, the need for practical life skills in education remains undeniable.

Parents want home economics to be taught in schools again to teach kids basic life skills pin