Although the final cost exceeds the initial price, it’s still significantly cheaper than a conventional home.

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The tiny house movement is here to stay, especially as real estate prices soar, prompting many to downsize. Big box home stores often display sheds that might catch your eye as potential backyard retreats. But have you ever considered living in one?

A few years ago, a popular shed model sold at home improvement stores caught the attention of those seeking affordable housing. The 16′ by 16′ unit, priced at $10,888, offered more than just extra storage space—it presented a viable option for a tiny home. When fully outfitted, including painting and additional interior space, the cost can exceed $22,000, excluding essentials like drywall, insulation, electricity, or plumbing.

Despite these additions, it remains a budget-friendly alternative compared to traditional real estate in many American cities. One couple embraced this concept, transforming a 16′ by 24′ shed into their home and sharing their journey online.

Man turns a $10,888 shed from Home Depot into a beautiful tiny home pin