Nepal First Premium Hatchback EV From GreatWall Motors Nepal- now Available.

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Ora Cat EV
Ora Cat EV

Ora Cat EV – Overview

Great Wall Motors (GWM), a Chinese automaker, has showcased two new electric vehicle concepts for Europe at the 2021 IAA Munich auto show to gain a foothold in the continent.

In addition, both the Ora and Wey brands are making their European debuts this year, with the Ora Cat concept pure electric car and the Wey Coffee 01 plug-in hybrid SUV, respectively.

In The Context of Nepal

V.G. Impex, the official dealer of Greatwall Motors, have recently launched ‘Ora Cat’ in Nepal. This will be the first-ever premium electric hatchback car for the Nepali market.

According to the International source, Great Wall Motors has already started selling ‘Ora Cat’ in the international market like the United Kingdom. The Ora Cat car’s first model was unveiled back in 2018.

Here are the two major highlights of Ora Car Ev:

  • Great Wall Motors’ retro-classic Ora Cat compact electric car is aimed at young people who value flexibility, sustainability, comfort, and individuality.
  • GWM hopes to compete with BMW, Audi, and Mercedes with the Wey Coffee 01 premium hybrid SUV.
  • Ora Cat E.V. is available in 3 different variants in the Nepali market.

Here is the Ora Cat EV Price In Nepal

Ora Cat EV ModelsOra Cat EV Price In Nepal
Ora Cat Base ModelRs. 39.99 lakhs
Ora Cat Mid Range ModelRs. 47.99 lakhs
Ora Cat Top ModelRs. 47.99 lakhs

Concept of This Car

GWM is marketing the Ora Cat to young people who want flexibility, sustainability, comfort, and individuality. The compact electric car ranges up to 400 kilometres on a single charge.

It has a 360-degree camera system, radar sensors, and road cameras to help you capture every driving situation. Smart driving functions are also standard on the vehicle.

Looks & Aesthetics

Ora Cat EV
Ora Cat EV

The Ora Cat concept is given a retro-classic theme, complemented by the curved vintage-style lines on the body.

Retro front headlights and wrap-around taillights add a modern touch to the electric vehicle.

The car features an 18-inch alloy wheel while featuring all the front and rear LED lights.

Interiors of the Car

Ora Cat EV
Ora Cat EV

Inside, the retro-futurism theme continues with a two-spoke steering wheel, striped vintage-style seats, and a futuristic, floating central touch panel.

It has a 360-degree camera system, radar sensors, and road cameras to help it capture every driving situation. Smart driving functions are also included as a standard.

Battery, Range & Performance

Ora Cat EV
Ora Cat EV

The company has given two battery options in Ora Cat. The entry variant has a 48 kWh lithium-ion battery, while the top-spec has a 63 kWh battery.

The company claims that the small battery has a maximum range of 336 km on a single full charge, while the vehicle with a large battery has a range of 420 km. It has a 126 kW electric motor.

Both the models can support an 80 kW first D.C. charger. It can be used for charging from 6.6 kW in a single-phase line and 11 kW in a standard charger in a three-phase line.

Ora Cat EV charging time:

Charge typePercentageDuration
DC fast charge (<60 kW)0% – 80%400 (45 mins) / 500 (60 mins)
DC fast charge (<60 kW)30% – 80%400 (32 mins) / 500 (40 mins)
AC charging (<6.6 kW)0% – 100% 400 (8hrs) / 500 (10hrs)

Additional Features

Ora Cat EV comes with an active air intake system, smart LED cat-eyes-shaped headlights, LED tail light strip, rear fog lamps, and LED brake lamp on all three models.

Ora Cat includes many other updated features like LED brake lamps, LED taillight strips, rear fog lights. In addition, it has 18-inch alloy wheels, automatic air conditioning with a PM2.5 air filter, a passive safety system, cruise control, a 360-degree camera, a substantial integrated display, and other exciting features.

Dimensions of the Car

Ora Cat EV
Ora Cat EV

The Great Wall’s premium hatchback is 4235 mm long, 1825 mm wide, and 1596 mm high. It has a 2650 mm wheelbase.


  • Low-Speed ​​Emergency Brake Assist (LSEB)
  • Two airbags
  • EPB with auto-hold
  • Hill-start assist
  • Traction control
  • Driving mode selector (Normal/ECO/ECO+/Auto)
  • Voice control smartphone integration
  • Passive cruise control
  • Smart Key and QuickStart system
  • 10.25-inch touchscreen infotainment screen with Navigation
  • Front grille with Active Air Intake system
  • ABS with EBD
  • Stability control
  • TPMS

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Ora Cat EV