2023 Mitsubishi Car Price In Nepal | Full Review!

Mitsubishi Car Price in Nepal – Overview

Short History

Yatar Iwasaki started the Mitsubishi Group in 1870, descended from the Mitsubishi Zaibatsu, a single corporation that functioned from 1870 to 1946.

During the occupation of Japan after World War II, the corporation was disbanded.

However, the Company’s former components still use the Mitsubishi brand and trademark. Moreover, despite some corporate coordination, most notably through monthly “Friday Conference” CEO meetings, the group companies are technically separate and not under joint management.

MUFG Bank (Japan’s largest bank), Mitsubishi Corporation (a general trade firm), Mitsubishi Electric, and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries are the group’s four core companies (both diversified manufacturing companies).

Later, Mitsubishi Motors was reformed in 1970 by the Japanese automaker.

Nissan currently owns one-third of Mitsubishi, or 34%, making it a member of the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi alliance. Production facilities for the brand are located in Japan, Thailand, and the Philippines. In the country, the business formed a joint venture with Hindustan Motors in 1998.

However, this was the short history of Mitsubishi Motors.

Furthermore, in Nepal, the authorized dealership of Mitsubishi Motors is Leon Motors Pvt. Ltd.

The Company is selling six different Mitsubishi models currently in the Nepali market.

Here is the Mitsubishi Car Price In Nepal

Mitsubishi Car ModelsMitsubishi Car Price in Nepal
Mitsubishi Xpander Rs. 78.50 Lakhs
Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross Rs. 1.19 Crore – Rs. 1.22 Cr.
Mitsubishi PajeroRs. 1.62 – Rs. 2.15 Cr.
Mitsubishi Pajero SportRs. 1.65 Cr. – Rs. 1.85 Cr.
Mitsubishi L200 Rs. 97 lakhs – Rs. 1.02 Cr.
Mitsubishi Outlander PHEVRs. 1.55 crore
Mitsubishi Car Price in Nepal

Mitsubishi Xpander

Mitsubishi Car Price in Nepal
Mitsubishi Car Price in Nepal

Exterior Design

The Mitsubishi Xpander expands its unsurpassed usefulness by combining innovative Dynamic Shield design and always-reliable performance.

Thanks to a substantially reinforced suspension, the Xpander has a sturdy, well-built feel to its stable handling and best-in-class riding comfort.

Because of the high-quality construction and extensive anti-noise and anti-vibration measures, the driving experience is exquisite.

The Xpander has a “Dynamic Shield” design, an angular front, and a boxy appearance.

Interior Design

Mitsubishi Car Price in Nepal
Mitsubishi Car Price in Nepal
  • Keyless entry
  • A push-button start/stop system
  • A 7-inch touchscreen LCD
  • Cruise control
  • Telescopic steering wheel
  • GPS navigation

Power outlets in all three rows of seats are just a few goodies included in the Xpander.

In addition, the Xpander’s safety features include dual airbags, traction control, ABS with EBD, Hill Start Assist, parking sensors, and Electronic Stability Control.

Also, inside the cabin, the 2nd and 3rd seats fold completely flat for convenient loading, while the second armrest folds to create room for long loads.

Engine Specifications

The automobile is powered by a 1.5L 4-cylinder MIVEC petrol engine with 150PS and 141Nm of torque. The machine is coupled to a 5-speed manual or a 4-speed automatic transmission, providing plenty of power and speed.

The powerful 16-valve DOHC engine features modern MIVEC (Mitsubishi Intelligent and Innovative Valve Timing and Lift Electronic Control system).

Mitsubishi Xpander ModelMitsubishi Xpander Price in Nepal
Mitsubishi Xpander 1.5L 2WD A/TRs. 78,50,000 Lakhs
Mitsubishi Car Price in Nepal

Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross 

Mitsubishi Car Price in Nepal
Mitsubishi Car Price in Nepal


Exterior Design

The car’s appearance differs from the previous model chiefly in the chrome trim added.

The Dynamic Shield Grille is a sophisticated hourglass shape made of curved chrome trimmings flanking the front air intake, which Mitsubishi calls the front-end design.

It’s the same design as on the Mitsubishi Attrage’s nose.

However, the side windows have been reshaped with more angular lines, and the rear end has been discreetly resculpted with more chrome.

The new, single-piece rear window and reworked door provide a few extra litres to the baggage capacity, which is 405 litres.

Automobile design seems to go in circles.

Interior Design

Mitsubishi Car Price in Nepal
Mitsubishi Car Price in Nepal

The coupe-SUV silhouette is often defined by sloping rooflines, partly achieved using an optical illusion in the Eclipse Cross.

The roof slopes down less than the rear window, which slopes to meet it. As a result, the car’s back seat headroom is not compromised.

Moreover, the ride character hasn’t changed since the launch edition in 2018.

This means it’s grounded at highway speeds, confident in turns, and there’s not much to complain about as a driver or a passenger.

It isn’t fast, but it can keep up with traffic.

The rear bench also reclines for added passenger comfort at the cost of a slight reduction in trunk capacity.

Engine Specifications

The Dynamic Shield concept effectively conveys the idea of high-performance promise and a sense of security.

The sleek, sculpted cockpit is designed to improve awareness and control intuition while driving by responding directly to every command. It downsized a 1.5 Liter 152hp Turbocharged Engine for efficiency and tremendous torque at low to mid-rpm.

Handling is stable, intuitive, and predictable, with a fine-tuned suspension, responsive steering, and excellent body stiffness.

Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross ModelMitsubishi Eclipse Cross Price in Nepal
Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross 1.5L CVTRs. 1,19,50,000
Eclipse Cross (top variant)Rs. 1,22,50,000
Mitsubishi Car Price in Nepal

Mitsubishi Pajero         

Mitsubishi Car Price in Nepal
Mitsubishi Car Price in Nepal


Exterior Design

The 2019 Mitsubishi Pajero is the pinnacle performance and high-quality features all-around SUV, whether cruising the city streets or heading off-road.

The 3.0-litre (3.2-litre for Montero with 16 valves) engine produces great power, allowing speedier starting and confident driving.

In addition, the rally-proven all-wheel independent suspension provides drivers with predictable and confident handling.

Interior Design

Mitsubishi Car Price in Nepal
Mitsubishi Car Price in Nepal

Pajero’s interior is opulent, with illuminated meters, plush leather seats, and leather-wrapped controls that are all ergonomically placed for a pleasant ride.

Engine Specs

At up to 100 kmph, the Pajero advanced SS4 II shifts between 2H, 4H, and 4HLc modes, enabling on-demand control for highway performance or off-road traction.

Mitsubishi Pajero ModelMitsubishi Pajero Price in Nepal
Mitsubishi Pajero 3 Door (3.2L 4WD)Rs. 1,62,00,000
Mitsubishi Pajero 5 Door (3.2L 4WD)Rs. 2,15,00,000
Mitsubishi Car Price in Nepal

Mitsubishi Pajero Sport 

Mitsubishi Car Price in Nepal
Mitsubishi Car Price in Nepal


Exterior Design

The Pajero Sport is far from a slacker. But, unfortunately, its stunning “face,” complete with strong grille lines and lashings of chrome, appears more at home on the set of a post-apocalyptic sci-fi film than on the lush slopes of the Soetmuisberg, where we were headed.

The Pajero Sport’s rear LED light signature is equally futuristic.

The front and back skid plates do more than look formidable and imposing; they protect the Pajero Sport underneath, designed to take on various challenges.

LED headlights, fog lamps, cornering lights, electrically adjustable (and foldable) side mirrors, and 18-inch alloy wheels are standard.

Interior Design

Mitsubishi Car Price in Nepal
Mitsubishi Car Price in Nepal

Pajero Sport has plenty of room for whatever the day throws at you.

The cabin’s flexible storage provides plenty of space for workdays and weekends, with ample head and legroom for all occupants.

The enormous 8-inch touchscreen in the Pajero Sport keeps you connected and on track.

The Smartphone Link from Mitsubishi Pajero Sport uses Display Audio (SDA)K6 technology to connect to your phone via Android AutoTMK11 or Apple CarPlayK12.

Use the appropriate apps on your smartphone to navigate, listen to music, and communicate via voice calls and text messaging.

You may use voice command and steering wheel controls to operate call and music capabilities without taking your eyes off the road.

In addition, with GLS and Exceed models’ integrated satellite navigation, you’ll always know which way to go next.

Engine Specifications

The 178hp, 2.5-litre, four-cylinder turbo-diesel engine in the Mitsubishi Pajero Sport still performs admirably.

The machine is powerful, smooth, and has a lot of punch.

The automatic gearbox in the 4×2 is also quick and precise in its shifts, while the manual gearbox in the 4×4 is also rather pleasant.

The Pajero Sport has the lumpiness that ladder-chassis SUVs are known for at low speeds but has an excellent sense of control at higher rates.

Unfortunately, the Pajero Sport’s heavy steering necessitates several lock-to-lock spins, making it seem ungainly around town.

However, the Pajero Sport shines in the rough, feeling more agile and light on its feet than most competitors.

This directly injected diesel engine delivers more than enough power on demand thanks to its 2.5 Liter Engine large displacement and inter-cooled turbocharger.

Selectable 2WD and 4WD modes, an OFF-ROAD MODE that improves traction on complex surfaces, intelligent help in difficult situations, an enhanced suspension, and excellent all-around ground clearance are just a few features.

Mitsubishi Pajero Sport ModelMitsubishi Pajero Sport Price in Nepal
Pajero Sport (base variant)Rs 1.65 crore
Pajero Sport (top variant)Rs 1.85 crore
Mitsubishi Car Price in Nepal

Mitsubishi L200 

Mitsubishi Car Price in Nepal
Mitsubishi Car Price in Nepal

Exterior Design

As a result of customer input, Mitsubishi has made the L200 look more aggressive for this model, making it look more like other Mitsubishis that use the ‘Dynamic Shield’ design language.

The angular foglights and thin, high-mounted headlights from the front give it a frightening image. However, to our eyes, Series 5 has been well remodelled.

Yes, the body, chassis basics, and basic pickup bed remain unaltered – which means you can still use your Series 5 accessories – but the front and rear flanks are moulded into big, flat arches.

This makes judging the breadth more accessible, although the removal of the sacrificial plastic arches may not be welcomed by many.

Interior Design

Mitsubishi Car Price in Nepal
Mitsubishi Car Price in Nepal

Given the exterior’s dramatic makeover, you’d think the interior would be updated, but you’ll need the Spotters’ Guide to Mitsubishi, second edition, to figure out what’s changed.

Even the Shogun Sport, based on the L200, received further changes.

The centre console has been lightly updated, with a new row of switches and a new rendition of the Dynamic Shield around the vents, as well as leather-trim effect knee bolsters; the instruments have also been updated, with a colour LCD information panel – though the information displayed is essentially the same.

The rear passengers now have grab grips on the B-pillars, but the A-pillar handles remain for the driver and passenger, which is a nice feature often neglected in trucks.

Finally, there’s a new USB charging port and smartphone pocket for the rear passengers, albeit there are no directional vents in the back — only floor-level heating.

Engine Specifications

This engine delivers impressive fuel efficiency, low CO emissions, and quick responsiveness with lively output and robust torque thanks to its lightweight all-aluminium alloy 2.4 Liter Turbo Diesel engine block and standard precision rail direct injection system.

The drive-mode selector dial allows converting between 2WD (2H) and 4WD (4H, 4HLc) with a simple shift convenience setting for rough terrain or a 4LLc location for inclines, muck, and snow. 

Mitsubishi L200 ModelMitsubishi L200 Price in Nepal
Mitsubishi L200 2.4L, 4WD M/TRs. 97,00,000
Mitsubishi L200 2.4L, 4WD A/TRs. 1.2 crore
Mitsubishi Car Price in Nepal

Outlander PHEV

Mitsubishi Car Price in Nepal
Mitsubishi Car Price in Nepal

Outlander PHEV is a plug-in hybrid car with a 13.8 kWh lithium-ion battery that must be charged outside.

The SUV runs entirely on electricity for roughly 45 kilometres before switching to a 2.4L petrol engine.

The hybrid SUV’s combined power output is 221 horsepower, and the torque output is 295 Nm.


An 8-inch infotainment system, dual-zone automatic air conditioning, EV-driving mode, heated front seats, adaptive cruise control, keyless entry, power windows, push-start button, rearview camera, steering wheel (with mounted control buttons), rain-sensing wipers, ABS with EBD and BA, blind-spot warning, forward collision mitigation, and anti-theft alarm system are among the SUV’s notable features.

Does Toyota make Mitsubishi?

“Does Nissan own Mitsubishi?” many drivers want to know. Mitsubishi is a member of the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance because Nissan owns 34 percent of the Company.

Is Mitsubishi better than Honda?

Honda takes the lead because it offers a wide range of vehicles when it comes to possibilities. Although Honda has a more extensive vehicle portfolio, Mitsubishi prioritizes quality over quantity. As a result, Mitsubishi is not only less expensive, but it also has one of the best warranties.

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