Luyuan S30 Scooter in Nepal

Luyuan S30 Scooter Overview

Zero Emission Ride, Nepal’s official dealer for Luyuan electric scooters, has brought Luyuan’s new scooter to Nepal.

Interestingly, the Luyuan S30 electric scooter comes with premium features and a European design. This scooter sale has already been started in the Nepali market.

Battery, Power & Range

Luyuan S30 Scooter
Luyuan S30 Scooter

A 1.5 kW liquid-cooled hub motor powers the Luyuan S30 scooter. It has a rated power of 72V550R/1000W 6X oil cooling motor.

The company says that it is the first in the motor segment.

In addition, it comes with a 72 volt 32 amp lithium-ion battery pack. The (72V20AH Lead-acid battery) is the exact details given on its official Luyuan web page.

Luyuan S30 comes with a 72V-30E-4T/6SC of the charger and a 72V/35A controller.

The company reported that this scooter accelerates 50-70km on a single charge. The top speed of this EV scooter is 40-45km/h.


Also, the dealer of this scooter reported that the Luyuan S30 would be safer because of the linkage disc brakes on the front side.

In addition, the scooter features an LED daytime running light, radial anti-puncture tires, anti-theft alarm, remote control, keyless start, and a 7-inch digital cluster.

Its digital console is equipped with a SOC module to display the scooter’s charge, speed on the console, and USB port in Luyuan S30.

Its safety features include features like an auto wheel lock and the child safety lock, which makes the scooter more secure.


The total width of this scooter is 390 mm, whereas the entire length of a footboard is 350 mm.

Furthermore, the chassis clearance of this scooter is 140 mm, and the wheelbase is around 1315 mm.

Also, the width of the side panel is 412 mm, and the total weight of the scooter is 104 kg.

It includes a disc brake on the front wheel while the Ceramic drum brake on the rear wheel.


Luyuan’s electric scooters are manufactured in China. The company had earlier been selling Luyuan MNK3.

However, encouraged by the success of MNK3, the company has recently brought scooters based on a new technology of European design to Nepal.

The Luyuan S30 price in Nepal is Rs. 254,700.


The key specifications of the Luyuan S30 EV Scooter:

  • Rated motor power: 72V550R/1000W 6X oil cooling motor
  • Battery: 72V20AH Lead-acid battery
  • Charger: 72V-30E-4T/6SC
  • Controller: 72V/35A
  • Speed: 40-45km/h
  • Range: 50-70km
  • Brake (Front/Rear): Disc brake/Ceramic drum brake
  • Light: LED light
  • Display: LCD board, SOC control core
  • Shock absorber Front wheels: Aluminum cylinder hydraulic 
  • Rear-wheel: Spring +Hydraulic
  • Wheel size and type: 3.00-10 Radial anti-puncture tire
  • Anti-theft system: Remote control alarm
  • Width of footboard: 390 mm
  • Length of footboard: 350 mm
  • Chassis clearance: 140
  • Wheelbase: 1315 mm
  • Width of side panel: 412 mm
  • Climbing ability: 10°
  • Weight-including battery: 104 kgs
  • Product dimension: 1800/710/1098MM
  • Packing size: 1800/550/1050mm
Luyuan S30 Scooter