All-new Hyundai Kona Now In Nepal.

2021 Hyundai Kona Overview

Lakshmi Intercontinental Pvt. Ltd., the official dealer of Hyundai for Nepal, has brought the facelift model of Kona Electric to Nepal. The facelift Kona, which started selling in the international market three months ago, has arrived in Nepal.

Its official sale in Nepal will start next week. Hyundai Kona is a premium crossover model that has been sold in Nepal since 2018.

The model that has won many awards in the international market is popular, due to its unique design and attractive color variant.

Hyundai Kona EV ModelsHyundai Kona EV Price In Nepal
Previous Hyundai Kona EV Rs 56.96 lakhs
2021 Hyundai Kona EV Rs 59.96 lakhs
Hyundai Kona EV price in Nepal

This Is What 2021 New Hyundai Kona Ev Looks Like.

Hyundai Kona EV Price In Nepal
Hyundai Kona EV Price In Nepal

Hyundai, a South Korean automobile manufacturer, has been successful in the global market since 2017 due to its eco-friendly car ‘Kona’.

Hyundai has made extensive modifications to the front fuselage of the new Kona and made the interior more attractive.

However, there is no change in the battery and motor size given in it. The Kona is still available in 39.2 and 64 kWh battery options.

The front grille panel has been changed to the new model compared to the Kona that is being currently sold in the Nepali market.

It also has redesigned headlights. Unique types of delicate LED daytime running lights and rear lights can also be seen.

What’s Inside The Hyundai Kona EV?

Hyundai Kona EV Price In Nepal
Hyundai Kona EV Price In Nepal

The size of the infotainment system that can be seen immediately inside the vehicle has been increased.

There is a 7-inch infotainment system available in the Kona now being sold in Nepal.

However, the new model has been made 8-inch. Also, Hyundai’s Blue Link connectivity can be found in it.

It can be used for voice command, remote charging, and remote climate control. Latest Security features have also been added to the new Hyundai Kona.

The previous regular model had a starting price of Rs 56.96 lakhs. However, the starting price of the new Kona has been fixed at Rs 59.96 lakhs.

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