Honda New Logo ‘H’ for Future EVs!

Honda New Logo “H Mark” Emblem for Future Electric Vehicles

In a groundbreaking move, Honda has introduced a refreshed “H mark” emblem, marking the first major modification since 1981.

The new design is set to adorn upcoming electric vehicles (EVs), including the highly anticipated Series Zero models scheduled for production.

Series Zero EVs Showcase Honda’s Commitment to Electric Mobility

Honda showcased its commitment to the electric revolution by unveiling Series Zero EVs during the CES event.

The redesigned “H mark” emblem, featuring a sleek and contemporary look, represents Honda’s dedication to the evolving world of electric cars.

A Symbol of Progress: The Evolution of Honda’s Emblem

Honda New Logo
Honda New Logo

The updated emblem signifies a departure from the traditional squircle-shaped surround, making it more streamlined and contemporary.

Notably, the “H” in the emblem is ingeniously crafted to resemble two extended hands, emphasizing Honda’s forward-thinking approach to electric mobility.

Anticipating the Debut: 2026 Series Zero Saloon with New Emblem

Enthusiasts will have to wait a few years for the emblem’s debut on a production model, with expectations set on the 2026 Series Zero Saloon. This marks a pivotal moment as Honda aligns its iconic emblem with the next generation of electric vehicles.

Transition Period: 2024 Prologue Electric SUV Retains Previous Emblem

Honda New Logo
Honda New Logo

While the new emblem takes centre stage for future EVs, Honda’s 2024 Prologue electric SUV, based on a GM platform, will retain the previous iteration in the interim.

This underscores Honda’s strategic approach to emblem transition during the ongoing shift towards electrification.

Bold Targets: Honda’s Ambitious Electric Vehicle Sales Goals

Honda has set ambitious targets, aiming for electric and fuel-cell vehicles to constitute 40% of new vehicle sales by 2030, escalating to 80% by 2035, and achieving complete electrification at 100% by 2040. The new “H mark” emblem encapsulates this bold vision for the future of Honda vehicles.

Uncertain Adoption: Will Non-EV Hondas Embrace the New H Emblem?

Honda New Logo
Honda New Logo

While the focus is on electric mobility, uncertainties linger regarding whether non-EV Honda models will eventually adopt the new “H mark” emblem.

As the automotive landscape evolves, Honda’s emblematic transition mirrors its commitment to a sustainable and electrified future.

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Honda New Logo