New 2022 Fat Bike Price In Nepal| Complete Review

New 2022 Fat Bike Price In Nepal


If you’ve ever seen a bike with such large tyres that you had to double-take, you’ve probably seen a fat bike (also known as a “fat tire bike”).

Although fat tyre bikes have been present since the 1970s, they only became popular in the mainstream cycling industry around 2015, when start-up and established brands hurried to add eye-catching fat tyre bikes to their product lines.

What Is A Fat Bike?

Fat bike in Nepal
Fat bike price in Nepal

Off-road motorcycles with supersized tyres measuring four to five inches wide are known as fat bikes. Although they are comparable to mountain bikes in many aspects, their large low-pressure tyres provide additional traction when riding, allowing them to handle traditionally challenging terrains like mud, sand, and snow.

Fatties (affectionately known) can handle difficult riding conditions that other motorcycles struggle with. Fat bikes have tyres nearly twice as wide as mountain bikes, and they’re ridden with a low tyre pressure of 5-15 PSI, which makes riding over obstacles (like tree roots) far more forgiving.

Mountain Bike (MTB) Versus Fat Bike

Fat bikes are comparable to mountain bikes, but they feature larger, wider tyres and lower tyre pressure. These larger tyres provide more traction, making it simpler to ride on rugged terrain.

Fat BikesMountain Bikes (MTB)
Tyre Width100-127mm (4-5 inches)45-56mm (1.7-2.2 inches)
Tyre Pressure5-15 PSI22-35 PSI
Weight15-16.3kg (33-36lbs)12.7-14.5kg (28-32lbs)

Advantages Of Fat Bike:

  • On challenging terrain, it is forgiving.
  • It’s enjoyable to ride.
  • Riding on snow, sand, and mud will be no problem with this bike.

Disadvantages Of Fat Bike:

  • It is heavier than other Bicycles.
  • On the road, take it slowly.
  • It may be more challenging to ride than other bikes.

What Is The Purpose Of A Fat Bike?

Fat bike price in Nepal
Fat bike price in Nepal

Fat bikes are ideal for riders that enjoy exploring the outdoors on their bikes. Fat bikes’ oversized tyres make it easy to ride over obstacles like tree roots and stones, and they can also be used in sand, snow, and mud.

While gravel bikes and fat bikes are both referred to as “adventure bikes,” the fat bike also deserves the title since it is ready for whatever adventure you can throw at it.

Is It More Challenging To Ride A Fat Bike?

Fat bike price in Nepal
Fat bike price in Nepal

While fat bikes’ large tyres give more excellent traction, they do so at the sacrifice of weight.

Fat bikes are roughly 15% heavier than mountain bikes and about twice as heavy as road bikes, so pedaling them takes more work.

Is It Safe To Ride Fat Bikes As A Beginner?

Beginners will benefit from fat bikes because they are particularly forgiving while cycling over uneven or unsteady terrain.

On the other hand, Fat bikes are slow and heavy, requiring more effort to peddle.

Whether you buy a fat bike or not should be determined by the types of surfaces you expect to ride on. Fat bikes, in general, aren’t ideal commuting bikes (unless you live somewhere that requires you to cycle over sand or snow a lot).

Is It Worth It To Ride A Fat Bike?

Fat bike price in Nepal
Fat bike price in Nepal

A fat bike may be a suitable investment if you plan to mainly cycling on rough terrains such as mud, sand, or snow.

The vast tyres of a fat bike provide lots of traction, making riding in such conditions more feasible than with conventional bicycles.

Whether or not you should purchase a fat bike is mainly determined by the type of terrain you intend to cycle on.

If you plan to ride primarily on smooth terrain (such as roads and bike paths), a fat bike will be an unnecessary burden owing to its poor speed, and you’ll be better off with a road bike, fixed-gear bike, or hybrid bike.

Similarly, a mountain bike or gravel bike will be better if you plan to cycle on challenging bike trails.

On the other hand, a fat bike will serve you well if you plan on cycling on challenging terrains such as sand, mud, or even snow.


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