Transitioning to a tiny home lifestyle involves significant changes, but some aspects of daily life remain constant. Here are a few of ours:

When we initially moved into our tiny home, we faced several typical homeowner challenges, from utility issues to ongoing maintenance. For instance, while on a road trip from Ohio to Wyoming with a friend, we endured weeks without hot water. The oven only worked briefly before needing repairs, and our AC struggled due to debris from previous festivals. These maintenance issues are par for the course, as my brother wisely advised when buying a home, even a tiny one.

Financially, we still manage bills and life’s other expenses. While electricity costs have decreased, we’re mindful that the long-term financial benefits will outweigh initial costs. It takes time to pay off or build a tiny home, akin to a short-term “mortgage” for now, but one that will disappear in a few years. Rent for our lot remains a constant expense.

Interestingly, our grocery bill has unexpectedly increased. Despite buying in bulk from Costco since college, we find ourselves purchasing more than we need or succumbing to enticing marketing strategies. It’s a learning curve adjusting to space constraints and bulk discounts.

Routine home maintenance is ongoing. This includes monthly tasks like cleaning the AC unit and air filter, managing the washer/dryer drain, and occasionally re-leveling the house due to Florida’s rain. There’s also the occasional mishap, like accidentally running over the water spigot (courtesy of Sam).

In our smaller space, cleaning is more frequent but manageable. We tighten screws, touch up stained wood from scratches (courtesy of our adventurous buddy), and scrub walls and stairs with Mr. Clean magic erasers.

Oliver, our beloved cat, thrives in our tiny home. Despite initial concerns, he enjoys ample space to roam and climb, exhibiting his tree-cat tendencies by perching on beams and windowsills.

Most importantly, we’ve adapted well to living closely together in a small space. We cherish lazy days in bed over rushing to work, finding contentment in our compact yet cozy lifestyle.

Overall, while there are challenges, the positives of tiny living far outweigh the negatives. Embracing this lifestyle has taught us to appreciate simplicity while maintaining a balanced perspective on life’s realities.


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