When I floated the idea of buying a tiny home to my parents, Dad suggested, “Can’t you rent one for a year to try it out?” I confidently replied, “Sure, why not?” Turns out, I lucked out with that response.

Across the United States, there’s a variety of tiny homes available for rent. As we discussed in a previous blog post on “Tiny Home Friendly Places,” Maggie Daniels from Tryittiny.com offers a fantastic platform connecting enthusiasts of larger homes with tiny living options. Think of it like Airbnb, but exclusively for tiny homes. I can’t emphasize enough how beneficial it is to test out living in a tiny home before committing to buying one. For us, it was a decisive step.

After making up our minds, I reached out to Adam for recommendations. He mentioned Jeremy in Siesta Key who rents out tiny homes. Since we were in Sarasota, it was a perfect fit, and we booked a week at Tinyhousesiesta.com. Not only are they conveniently close to one of the world’s best beaches, but all their tiny homes are themed around the beach vibe. The one we stayed in was adorned with vibrant yellow accents inside and out. 🐙 If you’re seeking a beach getaway with a tiny twist, this place is ideal.

Our experience staying in a tiny home taught Sam and me a lot. Before committing to tiny living, it’s crucial to understand: A) Whether you enjoy the spatial dynamics of tiny homes, and B) What specific features you prefer in a tiny home. During our stay at Siesta Beach Tiny Home, we quickly realized that while these homes are designed for short-term rentals, they may not suit full-time living. Despite ample storage, there were areas that could be utilized more efficiently. For instance, Tiffany’s stairs feature sliding drawers instead of cubbies, which we found more practical. The Siesta Beach home had large, beautiful doors that, while picturesque, we felt wouldn’t suit our own tiny home plans as they occupied valuable wall space that could be used for storage or decorative baskets. Also, keeping these doors open posed a challenge as our furry companion Oliver had a penchant for chasing lizards. Speaking of which, wall space in a tiny home becomes incredibly valuable, serving multiple purposes from storage to folding tables or beds to free up floor space. Sam particularly noted her preference for a full stove over the convection oven in the rental, as she enjoys cooking larger batches of her favorite dishes like “Sam’s original Korean beef,” yum!

Let’s discuss what we missed from our own home during our tiny home stay.

Honestly, not much besides a dishwasher! It was that simple. The few items we missed were things we planned to have in our future tiny home—a few spices for cooking or Oliver’s favorite toys. Nothing we couldn’t manage without.

Renting a tiny home can profoundly influence your perspective, especially if you’re considering diving into the dream of owning one. Take my brother Ryan’s advice and spend a rainy weekend in one to truly gauge what it’s like to be cooped up indoors. While it might seem like a short-term investment to try before you buy, it’s a valuable step towards a long-term commitment.

Let us know in the comments below about your own experiences with tiny home rentals or if you have any great recommendations!

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