20 Entry Table Decor Ideas: Stylish and Welcoming Tips

I love decorating entry tables because they are the first thing guests see when they walk into my home. They set the tone for the entire decor scheme and can make a bold statement or offer a subtle welcome.

Imagine a stylish entry table with a mirror, a vase of flowers, and decorative objects. A table runner adds color, while a lamp provides soft lighting.

Decorating an entry table is a fantastic way to express personal style while ensuring functionality. Whether it’s a sleek modern look or a cozy rustic vibe, there are countless ways to enhance this small but significant space.

1) Vintage Mirror
A vintage mirror above an entry table brings a touch of classic elegance and can make the space feel larger. The unique frames often have beautiful details that catch everyone’s eye. Plus, a mirror serves a practical purpose, allowing for a quick glance before heading out the door.

2) Rustic Console Table