One week, one tiny home, and two larger-than-life personalities.

No, it’s not the latest Bravo reality show. It’s the tale of two Business Insider reporters on a work trip, seeking respite in a tiny Airbnb in Charlottesville, Virginia, after a day of rigorous fast-food investigating.

Booking the tiny home raised questions: Would it be a charming retreat or a cramped nightmare? Could two colleagues survive in such close quarters without tension? And, crucially, was there a bathroom?

Our expectations were quickly overturned upon arrival. Nestled in our Airbnb host’s backyard, the tiny home greeted us with its quaint cottage charm.

Entering, we were pleasantly surprised by the efficient use of space. Despite its open layout (excluding the bathroom, thankfully), the tiny home was divided into four distinct areas.

The “living room” area welcomed us with its smart décor—bright colors, sleek furniture, and a plethora of personal touches like books and photos that added warmth without cluttering the space.

Innovatively, Kate’s sleeping area doubled as the living room. The futon, a far cry from the typical college fare, unfolded into a spacious and comfortable bed, ensuring a good night’s sleep despite the compact surroundings.

We lived in an Airbnb tiny home for a week — and it was completely different than what we expected pin