When you move, leaving your old house behind is usually the norm. However, a new type of tiny house called the Koda offers a unique twist—it’s designed to move with its inhabitants.

Created by Kodasema, an Estonian design firm, the Koda is a compact 269-square-foot home that can be assembled by their construction crew in less than 10 hours and disassembled in just four hours.

Initially unveiled in late 2016, Kodasema has since expanded its vision to create small Koda villages near city centers in Tallinn, Estonia; Amsterdam, Netherlands; London, England; and Almere, Holland. These villages will feature three distinct models: “Koda for Living,” “Koda for Studying,” and “Koda for Working,” serving as homes, classrooms, and offices respectively.

The first village, slated to open in Tallinn in October 2017, will include seven Kodas. These furnished homes are available for purchase starting at €120,000 (approximately $132,500) and can be rented out for varying durations—from days to months or even years—depending on location and availability.

Looking ahead, Kodasema plans to potentially expand internationally pending increased production capabilities. The Koda’s innovative design features four-layered glass on one side for noise insulation, while each model comes furnished with stylish pieces from Estonian manufacturer Floyd IFS.

With amenities like a living space, bathroom, kitchen, and lofted bed all within its compact frame, the Koda exemplifies a versatile living solution designed for modern urban environments.

These $133,000 tiny homes can be taken apart in a few hours to move with their owners pin