This 36-year-old mom of 2 brings in $144,000 a year as a professional truck driver: ‘I love my job so much’

Clarissa Rankin is defying stereotypes as a 36-year-old truck driver from Charlotte, North Carolina. Despite the common image of a trucker as a burly man in overalls, Clarissa is breaking barriers and proving that anyone can handle the big rigs.

Originally trained in criminal justice, Clarissa found herself struggling to find work after school. After some encouragement from her husband, who had experience in the trucking industry, she decided to give it a shot. She quickly fell in love with the job, preferring the outdoor freedom it offered over the confines of an office.

But it wasn’t easy for Clarissa to break into the industry. Being “girly” and not fitting the typical trucker mold, she faced rejection after rejection. After finally landing a job, she realized she wasn’t making enough to support her family, so she took matters into her own hands and started her own trucking business, JC Rankins Transport.

Running her own business gave Clarissa the flexibility she craved. Using apps like TruckLoads, she finds jobs across the East Coast, from Massachusetts to Florida. While there are expenses, like truck leases, maintenance, and fuel, Clarissa’s take-home pay far exceeds what she made in other jobs.

Additionally, Clarissa has found a new source of income through social media. With nearly 2 million TikTok followers, she’s able to monetize her trucker lifestyle through promotional videos and advertising, earning an extra $36,000 in 2021.

Through her success and online presence, Clarissa is changing perceptions about trucking and proving that anyone, regardless of gender or background, can thrive in the industry.

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