Independence is something everyone strives for, especially when transitioning from living with parents to managing one’s own space. The desire to explore, make personal decisions, and handle finances often leads many to move out, either for college or to establish their own homes.

A couple with teenage children decided it was time to upgrade to a larger home with a spacious backyard. After a few years, as their daughters approached adulthood, they wanted to keep them close while providing them with independence. They found the perfect solution in container homes, purchasing two 340-square-foot units for $60,000 each, with an option to be fully furnished for $70,000.

The container homes provided a multi-generational living setup, allowing the parents to monitor their daughters while giving them privacy. Additionally, these units could later be used for their aging parents. The couple connected sewer, power, and water from their main house to the container homes, simplifying the setup for their daughters.

One daughter, after living in her container home for a while, decided to leave for college. A friend then rented the space, finding it a perfect short-term living arrangement. Each container home was designed for comfort, featuring spacious living areas, air conditioning, televisions, and convertible sofas. While the daughter’s kitchen was primarily unused as she still cooked in her parents’ home, the renter’s kitchen was fully equipped.

The storage in the container homes was maximized, accommodating clothes, shoes, and other necessities. This setup offered a practical and flexible solution for the family’s needs, demonstrating a smart investment in multi-generational living and the benefits of innovative housing solutions.

Parents buy teen daughters 2 container homes so they can live in the backyard independently pin