Tiny houses are gaining popularity as they offer an inexpensive and customizable living solution. One major retailer has entered the tiny home market with a variety of small houses, including a notable model known for its wooden front deck—perfect for afternoon coffee or evening drinks with friends.

The company behind this model has a rich history, starting with a single dream in the west back in 1981 to design, fabricate, and install quality backyard buildings. Now, 40 years later, it has become an industry leader, serving customers across the contiguous United States. Their partnership with a major retailer provides a selection of designs that cater to various lifestyles.

The tiny home in question is built to be durable despite its size. It arrives bare, allowing buyers to paint and decorate it to match their personal style. The package, which includes delivery and on-site installation, is priced at $16,007.

Upon delivery, buyers are greeted by a bare floor and metal door, with wooden walls providing a blank canvas for customization. This setup offers the flexibility to start from scratch and create a unique living space based on individual preferences. Whether to purchase this tiny home or invest in a car is a decision that potential buyers will have to consider based on their needs and lifestyle.

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