Luyuan Electric Scooter Inno 7 Now In Nepal.

Luyuan Electric Scooter Inno 7 – Overview

Luyuan Electric’s new scooter has arrived in Nepal. The official seller ‘Zero Emission Ride N‘ has brought the ‘Inno-7’ model to Nepal for Rs. 1,73,700.

The Inno-7 electric scooter launched by the company has an 800-watt peak-powered oil-cooled motor.

It also has a 48 volt 24 amp lithium-ion battery. The battery used in it can be replaced by removing it.

The company has reported that a scooter can accelerate up to 80 kilometres on a single full charge.

It also takes 5 to 6 hours to fully charge this scooter at home with the facility of paddle assist.

Suitable for climbing in urban areas, the Inno 7 has a top speed of 25 kilometres per hour.

Luyuan Electric Scooter Inno 7
Luyuan Electric Scooter Inno 7

Moreover, new features have been given to make the scooter attractive.

Advanced features like LED lights, LED DRL, digital instrument cluster, LCD screen display, anti-theft alarm, anti-puncture / run-flat tire, child lock are available.

Its digital console is equipped with a SOC module for accurate display of speed and charge. Which accurately displays the scooter’s direction and speed on the console.

This scooter has a front disc and rear drum brakes. With a ground clearance of 155 mm, this scooter looks very beautiful.

Luyuan Electric Scooter Inno 7
Luyuan Electric Scooter Inno 7

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