Bajaj X Triumph Scram 250

Bajaj X Triumph Scram 250 – Overview

Bajaj has taken over Triumph‘s sales and service activities in India, it was recently confirmed.

The next Bajaj-Triumph scrambler model has just been sighted testing in India once more, providing new information and numerous cues that an official release is imminent.

The Bajaj-Triumph scrambler has been spotted a few times before. Still, this time the pictures are significantly more explicit, closer up, and in focus for a more extended period.

Here are some of the highlights:

  • The instrumentation on the Bajaj-Triumph scrambler will be semi-digital.
  • There will be alternatives for luggage.
  • Official launch anticipated by the 27th of June 2023.

Bajaj X Triumph Scram 250 – Design & Aesthetics

Numerous distinguishing features are distinctive to Triumph:

  • The headlight is reminiscent of the Bobber.
  • The high beak-type fender is comparable to that of the twin-cylinder Scrambler models.
  • The gasoline tank with its offset fuel filler is distinctly Bonneville.

Although it doesn’t seem like any existing Triumph, the taillamp and side panels appear stylish.

The pegs are situated in the middle, and the bar sweeps back pleasantly to the rider, giving the impression that the riding position is quite relaxed and comfortable.

There is also a handlebar brace in view. However, the pillion seat is on the small side, and the footpegs for the passenger are set relatively loosely.

Bajaj X Triumph Scram 250
Bajaj X Triumph Scram 250

These spy photos reveal a lot, including the instrumentation, which will have a semi-digital layout. A huge analog tachometer and a digital display that is probably an LCD unit are both visible.

This bike is intended to be inexpensive to produce and buy, indicated by the absence of a TFT screen that requires a lot of semiconductors.

Although all of the lights appear to be LEDs, the LED indicators could be extras because the bike has also been seen with less complicated halogen indications in the past.

Expect dual-channel ABS and additional features like traction control and a quick shifter (which Bajaj may be able to implement at a reasonable cost due to its expertise working with KTM).

The vast top box at the back of the bike may be its most striking feature. However, the accessory’s unpolished general design suggests that it isn’t intended for mass production and is instead likely merely being utilized to store some data-logging hardware (like the tank bag ahead).

Despite this, the bike has a sizable rear rack and grab rails, so it wouldn’t be strange to see Triumph offer a more polished top box as an add-on, especially given the motorcycle’s genre.

A soft bag and a pannier stay are on the left side. Due to the position of the exhaust exit, this is likely, not achievable on the right side.

Bajaj X Triumph Scram 250 – Engine Specifications & Chassis

Bajaj X Triumph Scram 250
Bajaj X Triumph Scram 250

Bajaj X Triumph Scram 250 comes with a single-cylinder engine, liquid-cooled,  with a displacement of between 249cc, delivering max power of 30 Hp. You’ll get the six-speed gearbox for smooth ride.

According to the latest report, this motorcycle has a total mileage of 30-35 kmpl while it will have a top-speed of 160 kmph.

You may anticipate performance numbers more in line with the KTM 250 Adventure than the Royal Enfield Himalayan.

The DOHC architecture is suggested by the cylinder head’s form, which would indicate four valves per cylinder.

Even down to the clutch on the left and the chain/sprocket on the right, against conventional wisdom, the engine’s side covers closely resemble those of Triumph’s twin-cylinder Bonneville line-up.

It’s fantastic news that the double-barrel exhaust system will still be used on the production bike because it looks amazing.

Wheels & Suspensions

Bajaj X Triumph Scram 250
Bajaj X Triumph Scram 250
  1. The Bajaj X Triumph Scram 250 motorcycle features a one-piece construction of the headstock and downtubes, setting it apart from motorcycles like the Royal Enfield 650s, which utilize a bolted joint in this area.
  2. The mono-shock on the Bajaj-Triumph model will be offset, providing a unique suspension setup. Additionally, the rear subframe will be designed as a bolt-on component.
  3. A notable feature of the Bajaj-Triumph motorcycle is its upside-down fork in the front, contributing to improved handling and performance.
  4. Video footage showcases the bike smoothly navigating substantial rumble strips, indicating good suspension capabilities. While not on par with adventure motorcycles, it boasts higher suspension travel than the average street bike.
  5. With a 19-inch front wheel, the Bajaj-Triumph offers increased stability and enhanced driving comfort, adding to the overall riding experience.

Bajaj X Triumph Scram 250 – Price & Availability

  • Scrambler motorcycle is possibly making its official debut on the 27th of June 2023.
  • Testing on public roads for over a year indicates an advanced development stage.
  • Bajaj and Triumph alliance announced six years ago, suggesting a new platform and product.
  • The test mule’s appearance reveals signs of a test production run, such as torque markings on bolt heads.
  • The lack of sharp edges in the design adds to the speculation.
  • The rear left indicator is missing, which could be an oddity or intentional omission for testing purposes.

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