The new 2024 Volvo EX30 unveils additional interiors.

2024 Volvo EX30: Highlights:

  1. Volvo‘s upcoming model, the EX30, will feature a single 12.3-inch central screen in its interior, as revealed in the latest pictures before its official unveiling next week.
  2. The interior design of the EX30 will incorporate a sound bar that spans the entire dashboard, allowing for more storage space on the doors.
  3. To emphasize sustainability, Volvo has chosen renewable materials such as flax, wool, and recycled denim to adorn the interior of the EX30.
  4. These additional features and eco-friendly materials enhance the overall experience and align with Volvo’s commitment to environmentally conscious design.


The smaller end of Volvo’s growingly electrified lineup will be filled by the EX30, which was initially hinted at earlier this month. The Volvo EX30 is scheduled to be launched next week.

Volvo has provided a few more tidbits of what to anticipate from the new electric crossover before the major announcement, providing peeks at the external and interior design.

The latest photos reveal a body with tight creases and striking LED lighting. The headlights adopt Volvo’s well-known “Thor’s hammer” design, as seen on the EX90.

The taillights, which include a C-shaped part under a vertical element, also resemble the larger electric SUV.


2024 volvo EX30
2024 volvo EX30

The interior will have a sound bar that spans the dashboard’s width and is modelled after the kind you may find in your living room.

The updated Harmon Kardon system may be coupled with the sound bar, and Volvo claims that combining several speakers inside one housing could use less cable and other materials.

The window switches also move from the doors to the centre console since the sound bar eliminates the need for speakers in the doors, creating more room for storage.


The minimalist interior has a largely bare dashboard centred around a 12.3-inch screen. In “calm” mode, the infotainment system would show the most crucial data, and voice commands from Google Assistant and navigation from Google Maps will also be built-in.

The EX30 will, however, also be the first Volvo equipped with wireless Apple CarPlay, and the system will be 5G-capable.

Additional Features

The cupholders will also retract to make more room for the glovebox, which has been relocated to fit beneath the centre screen.

A sliding storage compartment is also accessible to the passengers in the back, and according to Volvo, tailgate-integrated guidance indicates the sizes of stuff that can fit in the trunk.


2023 volvo EX30
2024 volvo EX30

Volvo refers to the various interior design elements as “rooms” and emphasizes using recyclable and renewable materials. Flax and a wool blend with 70% recycled polyester will be used in other cabin themes, while one will have a denim motif using waste from the recycling of denim.

Throughout, recycled plastic, including Nordico, a substance made from PET water bottles, will also be used. Reservations for the EX30 will be available in the United States starting on June 7.

Sales should begin the following year.

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2024 Volvo EX30