The holiday season might be months away, but the iconic McAllister residence from “Home Alone” has captured our attention once again. Recently listed for a staggering $5.25 million,

this Georgian-style mansion in Winnetka, Illinois—just a stone’s throw from Chicago—still boasts the same brick facade that fans remember from the beloved 1990 film.

Originally priced at $1.585 million in 2012, the property underwent a substantial renovation in 2018. Now listed by Coldwell Banker Realty’s Dawn McKenna Group, it features modern amenities like a basketball court, private movie theater, and state-of-the-art security cameras—amenities that would have surely changed Kevin’s experience of being home alone.

But beyond the upgrades, how does the revamped interior compare to the cinematic classic? Let’s dive in with insights from our resident “Home Alone” enthusiast.

Upon entering, visitors are greeted by the iconic wooden staircase where Kevin famously sleds down. While the staircase remains a focal point, gone are the red runner and wallpaper, replaced by a contemporary, neutral palette.

The living room, though less featured in the film except for the heartwarming conclusion, still boasts a welcoming fireplace—a perfect spot for a Christmas tree, just like in the movie.

In the kitchen, where Kevin’s adventures unfold—including encounters with pizza delivery and burglars—the real-life version now sports an open-concept layout, gourmet appliances, and dual islands that would make any chef envious.

Moving to the home office, a new addition that wasn’t prominently featured in the film, one can only imagine it as the modern-day sanctuary where Kevin enjoyed his solitude, now complete with built-in shelves and French doors leading to the backyard.

The sunroom, another hidden gem in the real home, offers a year-round retreat with sun-drenched windows and a cozy fireplace—a tranquil space likely missed by even the most dedicated fans.

As for the bedrooms, while the serene atmosphere remains, updates include lighter décor and a more contemporary feel, trading heavy drapes and old wallpaper for a brighter, airier ambiance.

With every room offering a blend of nostalgia and modern luxury, the McAllister residence stands not just as a property but as a piece of cinematic history, reborn for a new generation to cherish.

The ‘Home Alone’ House Is Barely Recognizable After Major Renovations—See Inside pin