Who doesn’t enjoy eating? It’s something we all do every day. Besides sleeping, cooking will likely be your most frequent activity in a van. That’s why it’s essential to plan a kitchen layout you’ll love using.

While it’s fun to dream about an elaborate van kitchen, not every build needs to be extravagant. Many of the setups you see online are quite luxurious! Ultimately, the essentials for any van kitchen are a way to keep food cold (with a cooler or refrigerator) and a method to heat food (with a practical fuel source). Even these essentials can be simplified.

But let’s face it—who doesn’t love to dream about the perfect setup?

Creative DIY Campervan Kitchens

Laia and Aitor’s Peugeot Boxer
Instagram: @thevaneffect

Laia and Aitor travel through Portugal and Spain in their self-built Peugeot Boxer. We love the placement of their sink, which is highly functional with 70 liters of water storage and a hot water tank beneath. Check out more of their build on their Instagram.

Betsy and Justin’s Sprinter Van
Instagram: @wandering.woods

Betsy and Justin, who share their adventures on @wandering.woods, have converted a sprinter van and traveled to over 45 countries. Their kitchen includes everything from a sink to an oven. The camp chef deluxe oven heats up food using propane, making their setup feel like a home on wheels.

Matt and Liv’s Spacious Countertop
Instagram: @theserollinghills

Matt and Liv, from @theserollinghills, have created lots of counter space by blocking off the cabin from the living area. Their kitchen includes an electric water pump sink with storage underneath that can accommodate a cooler for cold food.

Eco-Friendly Kitchen in a Renault Master
Instagram: @glampervanlucy

This 2012 Renault Master, converted by @glampervanlucy, features an eco-friendly kitchen. They have an induction cooktop for use when hooked up to shore power and a gas stove for off-grid camping. Their side-door refrigerator efficiently stores food, and they make their morning coffee with a Nespresso Creatista Plus powered by solar energy.

By focusing on functional and creative designs, you can create a van kitchen that suits your needs and makes cooking on the road an enjoyable experience.

Creative Vanlife Kitchen Setups Examples And Ideas