April Gardening Chores: A Guide to Your Garden To-Do List

April is an exciting time for gardeners. As the weather warms up, it’s the perfect opportunity to dive into your vegetable garden, tidying up after winter and gearing up for a productive season ahead. Flowers are blooming, and the first vegetables are ready to be planted, creating a buzz of anticipation!

In this article, I’ll share several essential April garden chores to tackle this month. Remember to adjust these tasks based on your garden zone and average last frost date, which you can check [here](link to garden zone) and [here](link to last frost date).

In addition to the tasks listed below, April gardening also includes spring cleanup. You can find the spring cleanup list [here](link to spring cleanup list), if you’re interested.

Let’s dive in!

April Garden To-Do List:

  1. Transplant Seedlings:
    Transplant seedlings that were started indoors into your garden beds, as weather conditions permit. Ensure you harden off your seedlings properly beforehand. Hardening off involves gradually acclimating seedlings to outdoor temperatures and weather conditions before permanently planting them outside.

Space plants according to their specific requirements and provide adequate support for tall or vining varieties at transplanting time. For frost-sensitive varieties, use a row cover or keep them indoors until after your last frost date.

  1. Direct Sow Seeds:
    With the threat of frost diminishing, it’s time to directly sow seeds in the garden. If your last frost date is still a few weeks away, start with cool-season crops such as lettuces, radishes, carrots, and beets. Once the last frost date has passed, you can safely sow warm-season seeds like corn, beans, cucumbers, and squashes.