Why does nobody take notice of the dog with just one back leg, hopping around in search of food?

A poignant image of a dog by the roadside, pleading for food despite having its hind legs amputated, has captured widespread attention online. Many are eager to understand the circumstances behind this dog’s determined plight.

In a viral video, a Thai dog is shown being helped and fed as it begs for scraps near the road. The dog appears to have recently endured a traumatic experience, leaving it severely underweight, skeletal, and almost completely devoid of fur.

It’s evident the dog has been suffering from starvation for some time, despite the meager meal provided. The solemn gazes of onlookers, captured by the camera, convey a sense of heartbreak to viewers. Despite its hind legs being missing, the dog manages to stand on its remaining limbs.

Once known for its hearty appetite, it’s likely the dog endured prolonged periods of malnutrition.

The video has garnered significant views and shares, prompting many to question why such a heartbreaking scene went unnoticed for so long.