A recent social media post from Binh An featured a touching video of an abandoned dog who has taken on the role of greeting customers at a local grocery store gate. This heartwarming tale quickly captured attention with its endearing snapshots.

The video showcases a charming short-haired, brown-and-white poodle who, for reasons unknown, is tethered near the store entrance. Despite his circumstances, the dog has assumed the unofficial position of a daily “greeter,” warmly wagging his tail at every visitor.

As customers enter or exit the store, his friendly demeanor elicits smiles and affection from them. His expression, though kind and cute, carries a hint of sadness. Some linger to offer him snacks or simply to shower him with gratitude.

With each passerby, the dog remains still but wags his tail eagerly, inviting patrons to pause and pet him, captivated by his beauty and gentle nature.