Discover 28 Gardening Hacks That Will Transform Your Approach

We love a good DIY project, whether it’s brewing craft beer, roasting coffee, or constructing a chicken coop. Gardening fits right into this spirit of self-sufficiency!

Gardening offers countless ways to grow your own food and save money. If you’re new to gardening and looking for a starting point, read on! Here are 28 gardening hacks that will revolutionize your gardening experience:

  1. Use Hydrogen Peroxide for Plant Health: Revitalize sickly plants by spraying them with hydrogen peroxide, which boosts oxygen levels and promotes stronger growth. It’s also eco-friendly.

  2. Propagate Cuttings with Honey: Dip cuttings in honey before planting to encourage rooting. Honey’s natural properties aid in growth, and leftover honey water can be used as fertilizer.

  3. Weed Control with Newspaper: Use newspaper as mulch in raised beds to suppress weeds. Layer it under mulch or compost to prevent weed growth.

  4. Plant in Eggshells: Plant seeds directly in eggshells; they retain moisture and add calcium to the soil, benefiting plants like tomatoes.

  5. Upcycle Old Tires as Planters: Convert old tires into durable, waterproof planters. Drill drainage holes to ensure proper water drainage without leaking.

These hacks demonstrate innovative ways to improve your garden’s efficiency and health. Explore more tips and tricks to enhance your gardening journey.

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