Do you want walls and fences covered in sprawling vines but avoid this due to lack of sun? In that case, these 15 Best Low-Light Outdoor Vines are perfect for you!


This perennial vine thrives even in low-light conditions, demonstrating exceptional shade tolerance. To enjoy its chocolate-scented, purplish-brown flowers and distinctive sausage-shaped fruits, it requires at least partial sunlight. In colder areas, the Chocolate Vine is deciduous, shedding its leaves seasonally, while in warmer climates, it remains semi-evergreen.

Stretching up to 8-12 feet in length, this plant’s striking blue-green, deeply lobed leaves add beauty to any garden. From early summer to fall, it continuously blooms with a profusion of delicately fringed bright yellow flowers.

This annual vine flourishes in areas with a mix of sun and shade. For optimal flowering, select a location that receives some sunlight, avoiding spots that are constantly shaded.

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